Apparently light rails have windshield wipers, neat

dream nothing 

I had a dream last night where Skyrim on the Nintendo switch had a 12-character password system instead of a save system, in order to prevent the save problems the PS3 version had. After entering a password incorrectly I loaded into the wrong cave with hundreds of debug items and clipped into a wall, which ended up bringing me into the final part of the cave early.

Job + 

Have a more steady routine for my job going now, and feeling better about it

ffxiv stuff 

I'm gonna get the full game now! Very close to finishing up HW and I've enjoyed being able to play with my friends so much

Thanks for the support yesterday, the shift went better than I thought it would and I had an okay afternoon sleep

dream nothing 

Had a weird dream where the spelling of eeby deeby mattered for breaking into top secret government facilities

Finally making that Justin textured hyenid that I've been talking about

Finished Yakuza 0! Definitely have some side quests to finish up, but the main story is done.

Giant weight off my shoulders in terms of anxiety if this works out. I need more structure in my life and I've been trying to land a job for a good while

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I should be starting a new job this week or next!

I should post some of the art I've had made of me, I think most people have only seen the Keliff piece and some version of my vrc texture

I keep saying I'll work on my existing vrc avs and then spend that time browsing avs on gumroad and booth :blobfoxfacepalm:

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