Do not like the snow event discord noises, not at all

Furry meet went really well! I met a lot of local furs and even saw a big furry dragon suiter!

It is outside and everyone is vaccinated, thankfully

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Going to my first IRL furry meet tomorrow, I'm excited!

Spotify wrapped 

Assigned trans by Spotify aura
Font crimes, but accurate on the second picture

Mirror I ordered arrived broken :blobfoxannoyed: got a refund but come on, they could have sent it with better packaging

beat saber rankings/leaderboard stuff 

I've started playing the ranked maps on this, and was able to get myself to do a much longer session. I'm at a skill level where I'm climbing the board by just playing and learning!

Booster vaccine, ph- 

Booster shot knocked me out last night, hoping today is the last heavy side effects day. Granted, I prefer this to the potential of catching it.

So first off, here's the sketch feral version of my sona.


Greek yogurt with fruit is way better than I thought it was gonna be.

World Flipper 

Anthro pulls coming through!
First five star and she's wrecking shop

image description: a picture of chocolate candy-coated rocks

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