brands trying to guilt you into keeping them 

this showed up after canceling premium

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brands trying to guilt you into keeping them 

fuck off Spotify, I'm just trying to save money

dream nothing 

I had a dream where I thought I had a generic office job, but was secretly hired to work on a new F-Zero game. Another portion was where I got zapped into Hypnospace and Dreamsettler, and both turned out to be Matrix-style worlds full of furries and exciting heists.

What if I made Justin av but macro

big doggy

complaining about improper PPE usage 

just saw someone on public transit holding their mask with their teeth, like an envelope or a sandwich. How do you get it that wrong?

Had an interesting game experience yesterday where the creator didn't lock the frame rate, and it started lagging heavily because it was trying to push ~3000 fps. Learned about the graphics card frame limiter pretty quick from that

Surgery mention (past) + 

Little over two years since I got my top surgery and it still feels like the best decision I ever made. The scars have faded a lot since, and the procedure made my physical body so much easier to live in. That and a lot of other factors have allowed me to see my body as beautiful and mine, and I love that I can recognize that now.

job hunt - 

first interview was a no show :c

Job hunting is going a lot better, I need to work up the courage for interviews at this point

protogen-justin, or Protojustin, shall be my next attempt at messing with models

Official episode list for s2b of Owl house 

Apparently the official dc twitter posted the new list a few days ago, good to see that it's still going full steam for the rest of s2.

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I wonder what species I should try next for my color scheme

Finished what's available of Owl House and it was really nice!


Turns out all I needed for my mods to work again was to reinstall MelonLoader again

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