So like, do we understand the mechanism for the escape of mass-energy into gravitational waves from block hole mergers?

I'm talking about the mass difference from the merged black holes and the final one, to be clear. I understand that gravitational waves also sap energy from the orbits

(for those who didn't know: When they merge they give off multiple *Suns* worth of mass as gravitational wave energy)

Something I really want people to take away as they continue into adulthood is not to just spend half an apology self-deprecating yourself vs actually admitting what you did was wrong and why.

No, "I'm just a stupid shit person" is not a why.

Goo love

Some pokegays for @avie and @g <333 thank you both so much!

Who knew Pokémon were valid

Long, computer hardware mystery, sound 

Here is the spectrogram for anyone hard of hearing

the noise is quieter than a whisper, quieter than a hand brushing over a table. I only noticed it because I was awake in a very still moment.

I feel like it is related to power consumption but I'm curious if there are any thoughts

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Long, computer hardware mystery, sound 

Hmm Here is a mystery for you

My laptop makes VERY quiet static noise. It makes it intermittently when idle and much more frequently (but not constantly!) when the mouse moves

This recording has been made much MUCH louder and the fan noise high-pass filtered out to make the blips more audible. it isn't a lout recording, but it is noise.

I recorded with the mouse holding still and then moved it a bit at the end

Anyone have ideas?

purposes of cat:
-warm up toes
-yell at ghost (note: this does not frighten or expel ghost)

pokémon levels are critical

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

tomato wine is the tomato champagne of tomato beers

I love you
and you might love me
but I have taste

Math, asking for a resource, Church-Turing 

So, there is a gap in my understanding

I don't think I've every gotten my arms around the Church-Turing thesis. I understand the board strokes but I never really dove into it or saw a clever way of explaining it.

Anyone have any resources for it or does one just dive right into the original paper?

Self promotion, link 

I post a good number of photos on my telegram channel
Also some random stuff I don't put here
Maybe you'd like it


Interestingly, and against all odds, the one that 1/ was CMYK (substractive synthesis) 2/ was based on checkboxes instead of radio buttons, so overall a much less limited gamut....

.... is the one much closer to GRAY! haha

* C: 37%
* M: 45%
* Y: 42%
* K: 36%

Or, according to Gimp:

* R: 102.8
* G: 89.8
* B: 94.7

HTML: #675a5f

Some sorte of red-ish taupe-gray...?

I guess different moods, at different times, produce different colour-sensus...?

Suggested name: "Taupiverse"

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