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Splat 3 idol

Splat 3 idol

"You are no mentat! Straightline computation indicates that I am a good girl, and soft!"

-- ⛈️ @electrocutie, 2022

Plushies, lots of them 

Our plushy-friends are back from quarantine! 😍🙏
And everyone was soo excited to see me 🥰🥺🥰🥺

[An eloquently stated opinion of strongly anticapitalist sentiment]

Yknow when

When the fur is black. But then the paws. The fur on the paws. When that's white instead

I just wanna lay in bed and hug my plushies for like the rest of my life.

falling asleep under the stars, thinking about how lucky I am to have such a great wife

also dragons there is a dedicated portion of my brain that just thinks about dragons I have no say in the matter

Some people like Windows because they don't really know anything different

Some people like Windows because they saw the alternatives and now have an informed opinion

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Just gonna start putting things under this toot that we're disputes that didn't have to happen if people would just remember this basic fact

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