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yes, hello! It kobold-cloud birthday!
I made sure to get into the traditional gift receiving position of "in the middle of the floor like I'm 8"

CW eye contact

learning about the chasm between "charity" and "tzedakah" is so fucking illuminating

Charity is a Christian tradition that is all about being magnanimous and how people are moved to do Christian love to people in need

Tzedakah is a Jewish tradition of our ethical obligation to identify injustice in our society and put our time and resources into solving those problems

the former is all about good will and generosity, the latter is mandatory

me: do you want to go set that ya-cht on fire?

you: the c is silent

me: it is indeed quite tranquil,, now are we gonna go torch a rich fuck's boat or what

Oh hey the factory elected a new pope... And apparently he is making some CHANGES

(fire at a municipal trash incinerator)

Kobolds are the embodiment of solidarity. For example, can you imagine a group of kobolds, but only one of them screaming?

I saw this image and I have not been able to stop laughing for like 3 minutes straight

sometimes i wonder how functionally autistic i am these days and then someone tells me youtube thumbnails have annoying screaming men's faces in them because it makes NTs more likely to click them and i feel like i've landed on a terrible alien planet

i feel like seeing someone's reaction to a mediocre white man going >8U on a youtube thumbnail is a more clear, reliable, and definitive test of someone's neurodivergence than any psych has ever given me

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