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thinking about gay little hoofs

i have some of those :blobcatmmm:

Yeah I like music
I listen to uhhhhhhhhhh
*The same 3 songs over and over again all day*

i cant exist without a power plug close by for too long, so in that way im kinda a robo girl if u think abt it

Ok, so, if a zoo needs to transport its big cats via rail to another location, what is the person in charge of that operation called? 

a lion trainer

I think the "TaDa!" sound effect was the best shutdown sound for windows 95 because it made it seem like everything you just did on the computer was some sort of magic trick and honestly I need that sort of positivity in my life

Why don't black holes have [strong force] color...

I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

I wonder if using a thread tap feels as crunchy as it sounds

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