probably not the water episode though. we're not advanced enough to come up with a good toki pona equivalent to the joke about water having the chemical symbol "H20" (the letter h and the number twenty)

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"humanity does not know this" is a pretty good way to say "we just don't know" tbh

now i'm thinking of trying to translate an entire episode of look around you... a


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silly translation re: toki pona, food 

fuck up some bread in a blender. if you don't have a blender you can fuck it up with your hands

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toki pona, moku 

o pakala mute e pan kepeken ilo ni: poki li jo insa e palisa kipisi. palisa li siko mute kepeken tenpo lili.

sina jo ala e ilo ni la, sina ken pakala e pan kepeken luka sina.

o pana e pan tawa seli tan ni: weka e telo. pan li kiwen li pimeja lili. ni li pona. o lukin! sina wile ala pan pi pimeja mute.

nimi pi moku ni li seme? "pan ko"?

game idea:

everybody writes a recipe using , then tries to follow along with the recipes that others wrote, and posts the results

(could theoretically be written in some other "limited" conlang/writing system/etc, but a lot of people on here seem to appreciate toki pona)

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