also, now we're thinking we should've had the second option read "house/apartment/fox den/spaceship that you live in"

it was gonna just be "home", but we felt like the scope of that wasn't clear enough... like, someone could consider the entire town they live in "their home"

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if we could've added more poll choices, there would also be a "computer desktop or terminal" option

b/c that's probably the most common metaphor we've seen that's not either a book, or some type of place

(if you know of any partictulary good ones, replies are very welcome, as always)

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poll: preferred form of website skeumorphism

[when you visit (or make) a website that leans into a particular metaphor of it being a thing other than a website]

an even better phrase to use on a website: "i'm moving from [old domain] to [new domain], update your calendars"

as seen on

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a good phrase to use on a website:
"update your bookmarks!"

if a person created a fedi account where they imitated the behavior of an automated script (in a similar vein to horse_ebooks), would it be better for them to include the "bot" flag on their account, or for them not to?

(i'd imagine the best course of action either way, would be for the person to put a disclaimer in the bio that it's a person imitating bot behavior)

or: if you appreciate when automated accounts use the "bot" flag, what does the flag mean to you?


I like how in sitelen pona, you can basically write your name as an acrostic poem, and that's normal.

Like, our name in is "jan Pasopa" (or perhaps kulupu Pasopa? but "jan" can mean "people", plural) and we can write it using the glyphs for:

pimeja - dark
alasa - seek (literally hunt/forage)
seli - fire
olin - love/respect
pali - do/make
ante - change/different

or any other combination of words that start with those letters.


tomo ni la mi mute li toki e ni: ijo musi ko li pona li suli

in this house we believe plushies are good and important

re: toki pona, silly 

there should probably be an "e" in "sama [e] luka", now that i think of it

also i was uncertain of using "jo ike" to mean "steal", but my intended meaning was "have inappropriately", i.e. lex luthor has, and should not have, 40 cakes


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toki pona, silly 

jan Leke Lusa li jo ike e pan suwi 40. ona li jo ike pan suwi mute mute. mute mute li sama luka pi luka tu wan. ona li ike.

attempting to make a terminal color scheme that doesn't follow the red-green-yellow-blue-magenta-cyan convention

it's going interestingly


where are the good places to find desktop wallpapers these days?

we've been using but would like to mix it up

seeking food opinions 

what do y'all like to eat for breakfast?

we need to get more breakfast food but i'm having a hard time thinking of what to get


good news! you can put comments in the robots.txt file by preceding a line of text with a #

well, crawlers SHOULD-as-described-in-RFC-2119 allow it, anyway:

so if you comment out your silliness, you can type whatever you want in there!


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if you upload a file called "robots.txt" to your website, but its text is just silly stuff like ascii art of robot friends, or the entire script of robots (2005)

will that mess anything up for the automated bots that look at that file?

please, if you will, listen to this song and imagine a tiny little robot kitty singing it

thinking about a really good bit we did on one of our old websites (which is now gone)

the homepage linked to an "faq", which was simply a list of questions and no answers, pulled from the book "the age of intelligent machines"

it was like,

1. can a computer think?
2. can a computer remember?
3. can a computer feel?
4. do you like computers?
5. do computers like you?

as it turns out, filling an entire sheet of paper with "AAAA" repeatedly, is actually a decent alternative when Screaming is not an option


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