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just a lil thing about my pronouns:

she/her and it/its are both my favourites, using them interchangeably makes me very happy :bunhdheart:

programming ramble 

ok! so i want to learn a new language but im not really sure what,, so far python, crystal and rust are on my list (python cause it looks simple and i could do lots of stuff with it, crystal because it just looks cool and rust cause looks cool, sounds interesting, lots of support but im worried about getting confused by more complex stuff liek the borrow checker)

if anyone has any suggestions/input id appreciate it :3 rn i only know javascript

i wanna buy an among us plush for my girlfrien but they sold out >:(

What's the deal with bees? They're just fuzzy little friends and go bzz bzz. Absolutely lovely

when someone tells you your rambled are cute >/////<

trying to figure out where the line is between actually helping someone with programming and spoonfeeding them hhh

wondering what to learn for my 2nd language,, i think rust, python and kotlin all look pretty interesting. any suggestions? (rn i know javascript)

i wanted to be nice and buy my gf among us on pc but then find out their pc is broken :(

does anyone else get caught up rambling about something you're really passionate about and then you dont register anythign anyone says to you until after you;ve finished

holy FUCK can companies please write privacy policies that don't require 8 years of law school to understand


kinda wanna change my GNOME theme but,, i havent found a theme that i've liked and has matched my wallpaper. right now I use juno

so, whats a good alternative to github (that isnt gitlab because gitlabs layout fucking sucks)

,,its really hard finding one. obviously i dont like what github does and want to move away but there just doesn't seem to be an alternative that a. i can trust not to randomly disappear and b. has a good UX

my program: *has memory leak*
me: *runs debugger to find memory leak*
debugger: *crashes because it runs out of memory*


honestly they could take the error reporter out of node.js and it probably wouldn't even make much of a difference, its useless

people are talking me and its making me feel kind of overwhelmed ajhm

Carbon's development source code is now available. I hope the README makes you happy! You'll be able to try it very soon once we create an interface for logging in. To receive updates on progress, read the commit log.

#Carbon #CarbonChat

bee pics 

bee friend said hello on my bike ride home today ^-^

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