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just a lil thing about my pronouns:

she/her and it/its are both my favourites, using them interchangeably makes me very happy :bunhdheart:

what I have noticed about mastodon is that I am not ranting every second day about how shit people are / how shit drama is like I did on birdsite

thanks for being a nice place fediverse

mental health thing 

so,, ive been thinking a bit again. i never really believed that i was depressed until i started antidepressants and it was like,,

"wait, this is how you're meant to feel?"

it was kind of eye opening, and the only good antidepressants have done for me really. i'm wondering if being trans is the same thing for me. will it all finally come together when I get HRT? I hope so.

if it doesn't, I have no idea what I'll do.

if i feel happy and like a girl when im just vibing and not thinking about gender constantly does that mean i am girl?? or is how i feel when i am just thinking about lots of things me

i feel like watching BNA again for the 3rd time in less than a month

Blunt responses to transphobia 

My old college has become embroiled in The Great Washroom Debate, and released some helpful signage to assist people who may find themselves confused in this trying time.

mental health 

its kind of scary. i want to stop these medications but its worrying me how they've changed me like this. maybe im not trans if they're able to just snap all my feelings away like that.

(would appreciate replies if anyone has any idea whats going on with me. i cant find anything on the internet about it. medication is prozac btw)

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mental health 

ever since starting these antidepressants ive had no idea what ive been feeling. i have no bad feelings anymore, except the stress over why they've disappeared. my questioning is gone and im not even sure if i want HRT. people say that these can numb your feelings but my mood is definitely better so im not sure. maybe im just so used to being depressed i forgot this is how you're meant to feel? i dont know. taking away the questioning feels like its taken away a part of me though.

trans identity questions, boosts ok 

(This is for a friend still too shy to openly ask these questions)

For all #trans folks, but especially those AMAB (assigned male at birth), enbies also welcome:

How was your "inner" transition, from believing in being "he/him" to "she/her" or "they/them"? Did you always knew?

When did you start feeling comfortable being called a "her", even in private? Was it gradual? Did you feel ashamed or even uncomfortable at times? Was it a zig zag thing, one day yes, the next no? Was there an "eureka" moment?

For those who did NOT experience dysphoria: Did you question whether you were actually trans? Did you think you were just confused or fooling yourselves? Did you feel like not belonging to the trans community because you were still cis?

Was/is any of you still uncomfortable wearing dresses despite having an ideal female identity?
Do any of you still identify as their original gender despite transitioning?

Long explanations and stories welcome.

"android 11 brings multiple privacy improvements to the mobile operating system"

sure google

bee facts! 

bees have 5 eyes, two compound eyes and 3 simple eyes. the compound eyes see shape, colour, and even ultraviolet light! the 3 simple eyes are unable to create a picture of the bees surroundings like the compound eyes can, but they are able to pick up light from the sun, and the bee uses this information to navigate using the suns position in the sky ^-^

public transport should be free
fuck you if you disagree

mental health 

I started on an antidepressant around two weeks ago (prozac, SSRI) and for the past few days my mood has improved but there is something off about it. i just feel uneasy and anxious and me wanting to be a girl has faded. I don't understand why. it feels like this uplift in my mood is fake. kind of want to stop these meds.

if anyone has any response to this I'd appreciate it, I'm really confused right now

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