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just a lil thing about my pronouns:

she/her and it/its are both my favourites, using them interchangeably makes me very happy :bunhdheart:

im trying to get my tv to play videos of usb but apparently it can't play h.265 encoded videos so i made them h.264 with handbrake and it still doesnt work and basically i hate video formats

I do kinda wish there was a tiling desktop environment though,, I miss the niceties Plasma and GNOME had on sway (but I cannot give up tiling)

tried out windows 11 because the new tiling looking options they had intrigued me but there is seemingly no way to control the layout of windows and they don't really tile, they just resize to fit a floating window

also there isn't any way to control the layout without the mouse from what I can tell

anyway that was a very quick adventure before I ran back to my Linux system lol

"is that show on netflix or hulu or disney+ or???"
"it's on 'watch (insert show name) online free'"

is a GTX 770 or 960 or something still an okish card? I literally cannot afford anything new

im pretty sure they both support vulkan

hug Emily's!

(hug this Emily. ask other Emily's before hugging them!)

oh yeah it was my birthday yesterday im 18 now

im meant to be an adult but i still feel mentally definitely not anywhere close to an adult

new laptop!!! it has intel graphics so i can use wayland now :)) and also i think it looks pretty

(i havent gotten screen locking on suspend or the hotkeys working though ;w;)

(it could also be my new laptop being a lot more powerful than my old one)

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omg sway is soooo smooth

like on xorg everything was choppy and teary (tbf i didnt have a compositor) but on wayland its just SMOOYH

any good wayland window managers??? i’m using DWM rn but my new laptop has no nvidia crap in it so i’m no longer locked to X

any good auto tiling window managers on Wayland? something in the line of DWM of Xmonad

woah matrix is like not super slow anymore idk what happened but im using it again now :)

wow i fucking hate internet service providers

ESPECIALLY telstra. here in australia telstra and fox (yes, that fox :/) are really buddy buddy with each other

guess who provides our internet >.>

its DWM by the way!!! I actually love how easy it was for me to understand. I'm by no means a C programmer but I was able to modify it a bit myself to add padding to the status area!

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I am (mostly) finished with setting up my window manager now and I'm pretty happy with it!!! might change my wallpaper and play with the borders a bit but all in all think its pretty and functional :dragncool:

landed on DWM for my window manager! I spent all day patching and tinkering and I bloated the heck out of it in the first place but its now perfect for me I think!!! so who cares lol

I'll post some screenshots once I make it look all pretty :) today was just me making it functionally nice

help I wanna learn rust but brain be like nooo instant gratification or no motivation

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XMonad seems neat, hopefully Haskell isn't too daunting for a lowly JavaScript programmer like me ^^'

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