for those into composing music, what software would you recommend for a beginner? (boost OK 😊)

wow, thank you everyone for the awesome replies already, can't wait to check some of these out :purple_sparkling_heart:

@eri it heavily depends on how your approach on composing music will be - some people prefer composing like on sheet music, others like a pattern-based approach. A good idea might be to test-drive FL Studio or Ableton Live. Both have trials and are very popular.

@eri if you're still interested - I like Ableton. It was the easiest for me to learn. I'd recommend testing some of the programs out and see what works for you.

@eri for sheet music composing, Musescore is a really great free program. If you want to make electronic music, LMMS is also free & is pretty neat--it's the one I started with

@eri i think i will learn z rythm. Because it runs natively on linux and looks nice.

@eri same question actually! I've been trying out reaper because it's cheap and it's pretty fun to learn. Doesn't come with any stock content though. The bundled plug-ins look barebones but seem to work well

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