minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

looking for full or part-time remote work, anyone hiring? i have a background in desktop support/workstation management (over a decade of experience) but my priorities are finding somewhere i feel accepted as a transwoman and whose values align with mine, and so im open minded as to the type of work

feel free to boost or DM. thank you! :-)

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minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@eri I wish I could help. I currently work at dscout, and as “People Nerds,” they are very welcoming of all people. Unfortunately, I don’t think they are hiring for your skill set. Best of luck! I hope you find your path!

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@brainofdane thank you! :-)

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@eri I suggest checking out TCS and seeing what they have posted. I've worked for them for nearly a year now and have been impressed by what I've seen. There's also a company called Change Healthcare. They operate out of Nashville, but went remote-first during the lockdown years, early enough they made a profit selling their HQ building. I used to work there and know they're trans friendly. Avoid LTI and Wipro. Seriously.

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@WanderingBeekeeper thank you! :-)

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@eri My company, Cruise LLC, has plenty of remote roles and a number of transgender employees, including our head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Our badges have our pronouns and the names we actually use.

minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@freakazoid thank you, i really appreciate it! :-)

re: minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

@eri From MN also, I set up 4 different agent alerts for MN + remote + <whatever skill> way eaiser than search the webs. So like Indeed, monster, career builder, Twin Cities Jobs etc..

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