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identity, stupid 

true form: timeless Human Algorithm

real form: softened GNK droid, as per morph

actual form: ugly meat-human, photo withheld because I am a coward.

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length, policy regarding likes 

I like a lot of the posts that end up on my timeline (almost all of then, even). This is because I really appreciate the fact that people let me follow them, and that people are making posts (even if the posts sometimes aren't about good things). If this doesn't feel comfortable for you, though, please don't hesitate to tell me to stop! I will do my best to limit my liking to things that stand out and are more appropriate positive, or to limit myself to replies.

Pinned toot I say in my profile that I don't have a preference regarding my pronouns. Feel free to use whatever you are most comfortable using, or they/them if you don't feel comfortable picking.

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sleep tracking 

I’m up, after fitful sleep

sleep tracking 

Headed to bed. Probably going to get up a little early since I napped a couple hours.

sleep tracking 

Got up about an hour ago

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sleep tracking 

I’m up, having slept maybe eleven hours.

sleep tracking 

Car nap wasn’t great, headed to bed very early.

sleep tracking 

I’m up, but I’ll be napping on the drive to work soon.

sleep tracking 

Headed to bed late.

sleep tracking 

I’m up, a bit late.

obligation, open question, scrupulosity 

Is it okay to try and save money, to try and move out of my dad’s house and to stop working for him, when there are other people who don’t have the privilege of living rent free or a reasonably stable income who I could’ve giving that money to instead?

sleep tracking 

I’m headed to bed.

sleep tracking 

Up late, was up in the middle of the night for an hour or two.

physical, negative, sleep tracking 

Headache, headed to bed.

sleep tracking 

Headed to bed. Already slept for a few hours earlier today, so probably only going to be out for four-ish.

sleep tracking 

I’m up again, feeling a little weird.

sleep tracking 

Napped for about four hours yesterday evening. Going to try and get another 2-4 hours of sleep.

sleep tracking 

I’m up, surprisingly before my alarm.

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