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What do people think I should put in my fourth table row, on my profile? Also, what would be good to include in an intro post?

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Headed to bed. I hope the rest of everyone’s nights go well, and that you can find some enjoyable sleep in the end.

semi-fetishistic: anthropomorphized chlorohydra, chibi fat, maw (undetailed), implied vore, unrealistic morphology 

magic: the gathering (blue/black interaction), positive 

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Good monday, friends.
May I present to you, an Eternal Mood, courtesy of this sushi restaurant's indoor plant.

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apologizing, journal, length, positive 

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Domain Block 

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The Haitian revolution is a disgustingly under covered event. It was such a huge deal that it shook to world and kept a hemisphere in the grip of terror. And do you know why? Because the whites were TERRIFIED, terrified slaves were men with the capacity for freedom and the capacity to organise, to understand and to fight back. Today, I shall be covering the depths if the layed chaos of the Haitian revolution as the slaves rise up, the coloured mixed black people demand equality and the whites... well they go all over the place as the chaos and idealism swipes them all over the place

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movie opinion, journal, length, positive 

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You *should* have a basic understanding of political theory, as a communist, but specialization isn't a bad thing. Do what you're good at.

And you don't have to read to have an understanding, either. Conversations, podcasts, videos, there's a ton of ways to learn.

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tired: no more cities, everyone goes to live pastorally
wired: cities where spacious buildings are constantly interspersed with well-respected greenspaces, gardens, parks, etc

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asking for help, boosts+ 

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Give it up for the Allium genus. Making food delicious for like centuries now.

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feelings, reader interaction, slightly negative 

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welcome to mastodon, or as i like to call it, "oops! all crushes"

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when you're so desperate for money that you keylog your customers just to keep the mean pirates out

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boost to tell anyone who is a TERF to block me immediately
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