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personal conlang 

I am working on a conlang, Dzwejwej, and am looking for short phrases to translate into it to help develop its grammar. If you want to suggest a phrase, feel free to comment it here or in a DM!

Bzwez bjest kra dzwejwej psedzwej psja kwasp kra tsadzawk traksa bzwast dzwejkraz tsjew psjet traksa bzwast bzwez psj treddzwej. Tsja tswajn tswesk tar kra bzwast psezb kra tsadzawk bzwast psern twezb kra bzwast tsjewbmem etswejn bzwast dzawkpsaz kra psj satra praksa bzwarzd satra DD!

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length, policy regarding likes 

@fibonacci_reminder Actually it turns out that I actually couldn’t sustain this, and now I basically don’t ever interact with anyone. I don’t even really keep up with my journal anymore, I just try to keep track of my sleep, and even that’s kind of inconsistent.

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length, policy regarding likes 

I like a lot of the posts that end up on my timeline (almost all of then, even). This is because I really appreciate the fact that people let me follow them, and that people are making posts (even if the posts sometimes aren't about good things). If this doesn't feel comfortable for you, though, please don't hesitate to tell me to stop! I will do my best to limit my liking to things that stand out and are more appropriate positive, or to limit myself to replies.

Pinned post I say in my profile that I don't have a preference regarding my pronouns. Feel free to use whatever you are most comfortable using, or they/them if you don't feel comfortable picking.

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daily routine 

I got up about 15 minutes ago.

Hey, my partner and I are escaping an abusive household, but while we haven't moved out just yet, we're essentially paying 2 rents at the same time (with the deposit and getting money together for first rent and such) and paying for packing materials and other things, so we're running very short on money despite our best efforts atm.

If you could spare the money to donate, we'd really appreciate it, thanks.

Trans Crowd Funding | Mutual Aid | Begpost | Moving out of Oklahoma 

So the water pump just went on the car ive been fixing up to help us move out of this god forsaken red state and its like $1200 to fix since its inside the engine, and i still have to replace some suspension stuff in the rear thats gonna cost another $400, AND i still need at least two rear tires...

I need this car for gainful employment and to move me and my family out of oklahoma for a place that isnt actively stripping away my right to exist.

Please, if you can spare anything, it would be greatly appreciated. The longer me and my family stay in oklahoma, the higher the risk of one of us getting targeted by facists, directly or indirectly... We're all transgender, and oklahoma is slowly starting to strip away what little protections we have, and we're all afraid things like HRT will be next...

Cashapp: $plausocks

Remote work search 

Looking for work still, dont have any skills in particular but i have little income and lots of free time

Apprenticeships and such would work great

Lmk if u know any opportunities out there for me. Plz 😿

daily routine 

I’m awake, though still in bed.

asking for money help, please boost :boost_ok: 


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"Scientists spent a decade intensively monitoring the impacts of a large government-funded experiment at Hillesden, a 1,000-hectare commercial arable farm in Buckinghamshire. (...) Numbers of some butterfly species including the gatekeeper and green-veined white doubled, and birds that usually feed on insects benefited from the shelter provided by hedges and grass margins, including the great tit, up 88%, and blue tit, up 73%. They also found that overall yields at Hillesden were maintained – and enhanced for some crops – despite the loss of agricultural land for habitat creation."

The science is in: permaculture works, it can feed us all and it helps the planet too.

asking for money help, please boost :boost_ok: 


i need $80 to order groceries and $60 for medical weed

$140 in total

i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me. i'm currently searching for remote jobs now

i'm gonna put my full focus towards that, so no more freelance video editing or etsy shop for the moment. please help me survive in the meantime





thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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