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personal conlang 

I am working on a conlang, Dzwejwej, and am looking for short phrases to translate into it to help develop its grammar. If you want to suggest a phrase, feel free to comment it here or in a DM!

Bzwez bjest kra dzwejwej psedzwej psja kwasp kra tsadzawk traksa bzwast dzwejkraz tsjew psjet traksa bzwast bzwez psj treddzwej. Tsja tswajn tswesk tar kra bzwast psezb kra tsadzawk bzwast psern twezb kra bzwast tsjewbmem etswejn bzwast dzawkpsaz kra psj satra praksa bzwarzd satra DD!

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length, policy regarding likes 

@fibonacci_reminder Actually it turns out that I actually couldn’t sustain this, and now I basically don’t ever interact with anyone. I don’t even really keep up with my journal anymore, I just try to keep track of my sleep, and even that’s kind of inconsistent.

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length, policy regarding likes 

I like a lot of the posts that end up on my timeline (almost all of then, even). This is because I really appreciate the fact that people let me follow them, and that people are making posts (even if the posts sometimes aren't about good things). If this doesn't feel comfortable for you, though, please don't hesitate to tell me to stop! I will do my best to limit my liking to things that stand out and are more appropriate positive, or to limit myself to replies.

Pinned post I say in my profile that I don't have a preference regarding my pronouns. Feel free to use whatever you are most comfortable using, or they/them if you don't feel comfortable picking.

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mutual aid req, nd trans girl needs groceries, pls boost 

hey im sorry to keep doing this but I'm completely out of food again and am struggling to find work, I could really use some support if you can manage it

cashapp: $digitalcreature

mutual aid request, running away 

i'm still unable to make money on my own and i have only recieved 2 donations. i'm 3% of my way to 5,000$. i'd really appreciate if more people pitched in, even a dollar from each person helps.

paypal :

please attatch if you're donating for the fundraiser so the person i'm working with doesn't confuse it for something else!


side note, i think i may be autistic.
does anyone have any advice on how i can learn more about autism from actual autistic people and do proper research about it?
and also, any advice on how i can understand if i am or not?

thank you. boosts ok!

daily routine 

I got up two and a half hours ago.

Support hunger striking prisoners at Granville CI in NC (formerly Polk CI) w this phone zap to Warden Roach (919 575 3070), commissioner Ishee (919 838 4000) & DOP Painter (919 733 0800)
#phonezap #hungerstrike #ncdps

Money help request, stress, test, CDL work 

my CDL test is finally actually scheduled.

On top of the $275 it's going to cost to take the test itself, it's going to cost me $600 to rent a truck to take it with. Most of $1000 for a single attempt.

Our money shit is already hell. If i pay this whole thing, i am not sure we'll be able to pay rent for the next few months to get out of this current place without getting evicted. So... i am begging for help here. Please help me cover this test?


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