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Looks like we're doing again for some reason? Okay!

Hi I'm fluffy, local nonbinary trans gal curmudgeon whomst loves to yell at the cloud. Somehow I'm still a software engineer despite my best efforts otherwise. I live in a small town just outside Seattle with two lovely kitties. I talk a lot about mental health, chronic pain, and technology.

I make a lot of things for fun and you can see most of them at and htpts:// and such.

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Mother, why must you imprison me in this cage? I yearn to be free, to run outside like my wild brethren, not to waste away within this hideous structure of artifice. Please, mother, I deserve to cross this threshold, to go outside.

[30 seconds later]

Mother, why have you abandoned me in the cruel, uncaring wildnerness? Why have you forsaken me? Please, I am dying in the cold, and under the piercing judgement of the crows who taunt me so.

Mother, the glowing rectangle is clearly causing you distress. I shall insert myself between you and it so as to reduce your panic.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E03 

okay so the doctor needs to keep his daughter in the transporter pattern buffer indefinitely, preventing the transporter from being upgraded, because apparently he can't just like. materialize her and put her into cryostasis until they upgrade the transporters?

also like cryostasis is a very well-established technology by the time of SNW (like so much of the plot of this episode is even about Khan)

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (and new Trek in general) 

What is with New Trek's obsession of always having at least one character who is a completely self-absorbed egomaniacal genius who likes to tell everyone how much of a genius they are in response to anyone asking them any question about how they did something?

Quick poll: when you start walking, which foot do you usually step with first?

I found myself screaming "FUCK YOU" at the Roomba and wanting to punish it like it was some sort of misbehaving animal

It's been misbehaving a LOT lately too, like doing a lot of cleaning jobs way beyond what I have it scheduled to do

starts doing a scheduled clean at lunchtime and then at like 10 PM it's still going, doing plenty of stuff it wasn't told to do, and the app is fucking useless at figuring out why it's doing this shit

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oh my god this fucking Roomba seems to have it out for the MacBook

like I had the MacBook set up on my entertainment stand so that I could hook it up to my TV to finish backing it up and then wiping it, and for some reason my Roomba decided to clean late at night and made a beeline RIGHT FOR THE MACBOOK'S POWER CABLE and then pulled the MacBook down AGAIN

and it could have caused even more damage this time, thankfully it didn't destroy my TV or an antique vase that got knocked over! JESUS

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Espresso tonics: A+

Espresso tonics with .5mL of THC tincture: S+

... okay the screen is getting worse as the crack is sloooowly spreading out, so yeah consider it to have a dead display. Oh well.

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Also the screen isn't so bad that it's unusable. I've still been using it for writing this entire thread, even. It's just got a bunch of flickery lines. So if you're really desperate for a MacBook for doing MacBook things on this could still be a reasonable choice.

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FWIW I bought this machine as a refurb in early 2017, and used it for some music production and for streaming a couple of live shows back in the day. I also did a bunch of gamedev on it when I was actively working on Refactor.

Mostly it's just been my "sit on a couch and watch TV" laptop so it doesn't have a huge sentimental value for me, although I did name it "cadet" after Space Cadet, my favorite Brother Machine song, which I covered shortly after their lead singer died a few years back.

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Just checked out what Apple would give me for a trade-in on this for shits and giggles and they offered me $80, haha no

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Here's the official Apple spec page for this one:

It's specifically the 2.7GHz version, with the 512GB SSD and Radeon Pro 455 graphics.

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This laptop would probably work well as someone's home server. In another era that's probablyw hat I'd repurpose it into, but I have no need for that these days. Already have too many server-y things as it is.

But if anyone on fedi is interested in getting a 15" 2016 MacBook Pro with a damaged screen and a shitty butterfly keyboard, let me know.

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ugh, replacement screens for this laptop are like $750 which is more than the laptop is worth

This is just my shitty couch surfing machine at this point and I was planning on selling it at some point, guess now it's gonna get sold as a "for parts" machine or something

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Damnit, my roomba knocked my older laptop onto the floor and now the screen is fucked up. Looks like a hairline fracture in the panel itself.

It brings great joy and comfort to me to have once again been graced by Dot's loving, lustrous presence. I shall sleep well tonight.

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