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Mother, why must you imprison me in this cage? I yearn to be free, to run outside like my wild brethren, not to waste away within this hideous structure of artifice. Please, mother, I deserve to cross this threshold, to go outside.

[30 seconds later]

Mother, why have you abandoned me in the cruel, uncaring wildnerness? Why have you forsaken me? Please, I am dying in the cold, and under the piercing judgement of the crows who taunt me so.

and speaking of which, Splatoon 3 seems to be making the background lore into actual game plot?

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so everyone's talking about the Mario movie but I want to talk about the new Kirby game

like is it just me or is the new Kirby game indicating that the Kirby world is in the post-apocalyptic future of Earth?

hmm, looks like PCSX2 doesn't support USB passthrough, and nobody's gotten Keyboardmania working on it. That's unfortunate.

Also I'm trying to find a more modern PS1 emulator than ePSXe, which doesn't seem to work under Windows 10. Anyone know anything that supports game that use Redbook tracks? (in particular Vib-Ribbon)

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I am fairly certain that however I die is going to be poop-related, somehow

also maybe these ISOs being ripped by ImgBurn will work on FreeMcBoot, that'd be nice

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anyway I cleaned up the solder bridge and removed what mod chip traces I did get installed, and reassembled the PS2 adn only had one screw left over

Couldn't get both screws of the HDD to seat properly though, and I'm not in a hurry to turn the system on to see if it still works

just rippin' my PS2 DVDs to my Windows PC instead, to play in an emulator

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maybe all my Dreamcast games too even though there's no usable Dreamcast emulator yet AFAIK

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okay I"m just gonna like

rip all my PS1 and PS2 games to my Windows machine

Maybe I should also rip all my Wii and WiiU games too, while I"m thinking about video game preservation

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oh hahaha that would require having a DVD-ROM drive on my PC though

man, modern technology, am i right?

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okay looks like LUnatic Rave is the preferred means of playing Beatmania on PC, but also I could, like, run a PS2 emulator as well.

For that matter I bet a PS2 emulator would make it possible to play all my original DDR mixes in their original presentation rather than via Stepmania. That might be fun to do.

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I guess I should see what the current state of Beatmania emulation is in the Stepmania scene. And if there's a way to use my official IIDX controllers with Stepmania (although Beatmania is one of the few rhythm games where it'd be totally fine to play it on a PC keyboard instead).

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and I mean Beatmania is about 99% of what I play on PS2 to begin with

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oh another problem with FreeMcBoot is it doesn't work with games which require disc swapping, which rules out a big chunk of my Beatmania collection

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also actually I guess I don't really care about having a working US PS2, since I still have a first-gen PS3 that has the hardware PS2 emulation. So my focus is on getting a working JP PS2.

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I also looked around for repair/donor machines for my JP PS2 Slim but apparently all of them have dead optical drives, so I"m guessing there was something awful about the optical drive in the SCPH-9000X models.

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I've always held off on modding my PS2 because the impression I always had is that it's a lot easier to mod etc. for piracy than for imports, and so far that's been my experience. And the tools are all so aggravating and obnoxious.

I think I'll just scour eBay/Sendeco/etc. for a pair of working PS2s, one US and one JP.

Although I'm sure my US PS2 Fat is repairable.

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