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Mother, why must you imprison me in this cage? I yearn to be free, to run outside like my wild brethren, not to waste away within this hideous structure of artifice. Please, mother, I deserve to cross this threshold, to go outside.

[30 seconds later]

Mother, why have you abandoned me in the cruel, uncaring wildnerness? Why have you forsaken me? Please, I am dying in the cold, and under the piercing judgement of the crows who taunt me so.

a lot of people put "autistic person overexplains something" in the same bucket as mansplaining because they don't really care to differentiate and it's amazingly efficient at being both ableist and triple shitty to autistic trans women

Days like today make me want a drink that’s like a London Fog but for Seattle

so like, take a London Fog but use espresso instead of Earl Grey

wait I just reinvented the latté fuck

The Orville is a better Star Trek series than Discovery or Picard.

Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

anyway this isn't a new year's resolution thing, it's a "my blood sugar spiked to 250mg/dL a few days ago and I felt like garbage and had a wake-up call" thing.

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I have very mixed feelings about live-action Titans though. It's uh. Weird that I keep watching it, because I don't think that I like it.

Young Justice definitely does a much better job of doing what Titans is trying to do. I hope they can stop being canceled every season.

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Also these days I'm definitely preferring DC over Marvel. Which is weird; back when I actually read comics it was the other way around, but I definitely like what the modern DC adaptations do with the source material.

It's funny how even Peacekeeper is a surprisingly progressive show. Peacekeeper is an awful offensive jerk, but it always feels like it comes from a good place. How the hell did they pull THAT off?

(And that applies to basically all of live-action Doom Patrol too.)

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Weird to see the all-male Hawk & Dove in Batman: Brave and the Bold. I'm so used to only seeing the post-crisis version as portrayed in the Titans live-action show.

And this is where I once again out myself as not actually reading DC comics, I just watch the TV shows and some of the movies.

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It'd be neat if comic books followed the square-cube law.

Which isn't to say that they shouldn't make giant monsters, they should just like... design them in such a way that they wouldn't crush themselves under their own weight.

A 40-foot gorilla that's adapted for having a functional circulatory system would be MUCH more interesting than a 40-foot gorilla that's just... normal gorilla But Large.

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Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

I think maybe the better approach would be to do the large-breakfast/light-dinner thing for a while, but it's hard for me to work that into my daily schedule. I have a hard time getting up early enough to make breakfast at all, and usually end up doing just lunch and dinner. And I usually overdo it on dinner. Maybe if I can reverse that and do large lunch and light dinner that'd help.

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Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

Because of my blood sugar issues I thought I'd give intermittent fasting a try.

Today started out well but by 2 PM I was really feeling awful so ended up eating a small quiche, which at least makes me feel less awful, but now that's primed me to want to eat all the things.

My plan was to just eat salad for dinner and nothing else today, and to try an every-other-day fasting schedule, but that might be jumping in too deep too fast.

DC Comics sure has a lot of villains which are gorilla-based.

also remember GEOS for C64/128 and later PC?

how do you pronounce that? and why doesn’t it match “gif?”

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Since “modem” is short for “modulator-demodulator,” clearly it should be pronounced “maw-deem”

unsurprisingly I had some pretty fucked-up dreams although I can't remember what any of them are now. probably for the best.

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Me: ugh I’m sore and having trouble with sleep, guess I’ll take a melatonin and a tizanidine

Me, 45 minutes later: why do I feel like I’m about to fall over

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