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adulthood is reviewing my home security camera footage and reflexively saying "kitty" whenever there's a kitty

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Looks like we're doing again for some reason? Okay!

Hi I'm fluffy, local nonbinary trans gal curmudgeon whomst loves to yell at the cloud. Somehow I'm still a software engineer despite my best efforts otherwise. I live in a small town just outside Seattle with two lovely kitties. I talk a lot about mental health, chronic pain, and technology.

I make a lot of things for fun and you can see most of them at and htpts:// and such.

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Mother, why must you imprison me in this cage? I yearn to be free, to run outside like my wild brethren, not to waste away within this hideous structure of artifice. Please, mother, I deserve to cross this threshold, to go outside.

[30 seconds later]

Mother, why have you abandoned me in the cruel, uncaring wildnerness? Why have you forsaken me? Please, I am dying in the cold, and under the piercing judgement of the crows who taunt me so.

whoops, @lofibeats wasn’t running because I forgot to reinstall its Poetry environment after reinstalling Python on my server a couple weeks ago. Chill random weirdness should resume shortly.

Lightyear shower thoughts/spoilers 

Was actually thinking of this while watching the movie but uh. Temporal dilation means that everyone on the planet should have been able to watch Buzz come home, just... very slowly.

Much later thought: if their hyperspeed follows the laws of Lorentz contraction, then how can Star Command work in any practical way?

I went down the memory hole today and found some vintage (as in, mid-90s) furry erotica which had a huge influence on me.

This wasn't what started my multibreast affection but it sure didn't hurt it.

Today I learned that there have been only 12 Rin Tin Tins since 1918.

We are soon to be on the 14th Doctor Who since 1963.

Clearly it's much more dangerous to be a Doctor Who than a Rin Tin Tin.

just a pinch more queer elder salt 

I cannot harp on this loudly enough: When you listen to *fucking Kiwifarms* you are siding with The Baddies! These people don't just want us *dead,* they want our *very existence* to be redacted from our collective memory *as a species!*

I just... How? How do you see something that *comes from Kiwifarms* and think "yup I can trust this information" with the history of abuse that pack of fuckheads has accumulated? Fucking HOW?!

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yes this is a subtoot, but it's also queer elder salt 

When someone posts a shitty tankie take regarding a neurodivergent disabled trans man who is currently facing a harassment campaign *that was started by fucking Kiwifarms,* and this someone unfollows me at some point after I have muted them?

Perhaps their odds of having a follow request accepted are considerably lower than they suspect.

While I wasn't mad before, I am now irritated by the entire scenario I find myself in. Not at the individual I'm subtooting here, he's proven he can learn and grow as a person, but specifically at the *situation.*

How many fucking times do fucking Kiwifarms and similar shitheads have to trick us into eating our goddamn own like fucking Cronus eating his own kids? How fucking many times? This is the third that I remember, and my memory is notoriously shit!

probably fine that my generation grew up surrounded by the feeling of moving faster and faster with no control at all yet reassured by the inevitable positivity of the future

My VR setup works again, yay. Also tried out both KinectToVR and OwOtrack with VRChat, and neither gave me a sufficiently good experience to be worth the annoyance of the initial setup. Hopefully SlimeVR works better and doesn't take TOO long to ship!

oh good, you can disable comment reply notifications without disabling toplevel video comments

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I ought to just stop participating in youtube comments. no good ever comes of them, even on my own videos (see, for example,

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YouTube comments are such a garbage fire

well okay he's also responsible for Pixar being so focused on the Cars franchise because he loved the character of 'Mater so much

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what did Lasseter even do on Toy Story? I always got the impression that he was just kept around because he was one of the founders of Pixar and he made very few actual contributions to their movies

Like he wrote a formative paper about the need for squash and stretch in CG but like. that was pretty much his entire contribution to the field of CG animation as far as I'm aware

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Like, "how can we cash in on the fact the movie was produced by John Lasseter without having to admit that John Lasseter was involved in any way?"

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It's funny how all of the marketing around Luck says "From the creative visionary behind Toy Story" but they go out of their way to hide the fact that said visionary is John Lasseter

well also being in severe pain puts a damper on that too

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I should finally have my fully working VR rig again tomorrow, yay

I've missed playing Beat Saber and also I want to start working on my VR gallery again. Which I technically could have been doing but it's hard to find motivation to do that when I can't incrementally test it as I go.

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