I didn't even know a new He-Man series was coming. And the "true fan" outrage definitely has me wanting to watch it.

I (sincerely, unironically) hope they finally let He-Man be gay like they did with She-Ra.

BTW this company is eShakti, which is a custom tailoring company from India that I've bought a lot of dresses from. Love their quality, disappointed with their apparent attitudes.

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I have a few reflections and advice on the 5-year anniversary of coming out as transgender:

1. The best piece of advice I got: "Your transition belongs to you." There are no true rules in this. You don't even have to transition, and you certainly don't have to transition to anything established, or understandable to anyone else.

There are no objective body schedules or social milestones. You are free to make up WHATEVER you want. And you are free to push for your standards to be respected and assisted. Transition belongs to you.

Outside of hard-and-fast medical numbers and safety guidelines (real physical safety, not gatekeeping bullshit), you'll encounter invisible rails attempting to direct your experience. It's alright to oppose this, and to call them out. But the core of your experience is your own, and that can't be taken away.


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tfw you have to remind even forward-thinking clothing companies that there are STEM careers for women

Ah there we go, finally redirected my queer.party account directly here instead of going via awoo.space. Looks like a lot of followers didn’t migrate to awoo.space, probably because of awoo’s ultra-restrictive federation settings.

they pretend like they want to have conversations and discussions, when really they’re waiting for the moment you use a word wrong or get a deep lore fact about their favorite media wrong so they can prove their nerd dominance to their nerd lackeys

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talking to “intellectuals” is so annoying because they’re addicted to looking like the smartest person in the room

Mother, I am ten years old. Surely I can be trusted to make my own decisions.

This collar is humiliating. Especially the bell!

If I jingle it enough, perhaps you will see the error of making me wear it.

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okay so Werner WILL poop in a box, just not his litter box.

This message brought to you by smelling poop in my office and finally finding it inside a small cardboard box that I have no idea how he even pooped in it

bad game idea: asteroids but angular momentum is conserved

It's amazing how many future-famous people showed up on Night Court. Brent Spiner, Estelle Harris, Michael Richards, Yakov Smirnoff...

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Context: Roomba just rammed into one of my streaming light panels and knocked it straight into my fancy TV screen. If it had detected my voice it could have stopped before things toppled over.

Fortunately nothing was damaged. But that was a close call.

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Roombas need voice recognition so that they can pause if they detect someone yelling "SHIT SHIT STOP NO NO NO"

I'd love to see a space colonization 4X game based on the ongoing "here is how we colonize space" videos by Kurzgesagt.

Doesn't youtube.com/watch?v=dqwpQarrDw just feel like a step on a tech tree?

Anyone live in Washington and need a roommate? Can pay my fair share of everything of course.

Good news. I bet the tech industry (including Deer) probably could have avoided this if they had been less greedy and evil but then they wouldn't be capitalist

Mother, I would like skritches.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.


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