3d printers hot take 

3d printers are a tool. They are suited to very specific types of fabrication and prototyping. They are not categorically different from a stick welder or a table saw or a sewing machine.

If you buy one because you like the abstract idea of owning a 3d printer, the most likely outcome is printing knicknacks for a few months, then having it sit in a corner collecting dust. I recommend against that!

Now, if you already often find yourself thinking "hm, in this application I really wish I could print a specific component", then, maybe? But also, first consider commercial print-on-demand services, or asking folks in your community to run the part off for you.

I love my printer. At the same time, it's another tool, not a revolution in the way I relate to manufacturing or products.


3d printers hot take 

@starkatt I'm a huge 3D printing nerd and I own like four of them now, and I gotta agree.

They're a lot of work and only fill very specialized roles. I don't even print that much, but when I do it's worth it for me to have the printers. But a lot of that is because I've gone out of my way to make them useful for me. Usually the things I design and print could be done much more easily and sustainably with wood or sheet metal and basic hand tools.

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