I'm still having dizziness and anxiety a lot, especially when I drive, which means I'm like... not driving, which means I'm feeling very trapped in my home right now. Not that it's necessary for me to drive most of the time anyway but it means that what social life I have is greatly impacted, as I simply don't feel safe traveling to my in-person social groups and the like.

There's basically no mass transit access where I live, and Uber/Lyft are stupidly expensive.



This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened; back in 2013 I had a major panic attack while driving on the freeway and I ended up not driving at all for like three years after that. At the time I lived in a part of Seattle with pretty good transit access though, and even then that wasn't enough for a lot of my social needs.

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I did eventually get past my driving anxiety and got comfortable with driving again. Which is why I felt okay moving to White Center.

And then three months later, this happened.

At least I'm able to drive 1 mile to get groceries or whatever but even then I feel anxious and uncomfortable doing that.

I don't remember how I got past my driving anxiety last time and I'm not sure that would even work this time, since the underlying cause is this chronic dizziness.


Maybe I should hook up my WiiU and start playing Wii Fit again. That was really good for balance practice.

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