I've finally been watching all of Night Court (1984) and this show is both dated and progressive at the same time, what the hell

Also it's amazing how much of this show I remember seeing when it first aired

and there were so many stupidly formative things in this regarding gender shit. Occasionally good trans rep but a LOT of punching-down humor. But in a weirdly gentle way?

some really weird gender-essentialism in the episode where Bull is a foster parent to a boy who turns out to be a girl

also a completely unexpected off-the-cuff reference to the East German Olympic teams where the women athletes were forced to take masculinization HRT. I'd forgotten that in 1985 everyone knew about that.


Oh huh, the kid is played by the then-future voice of Bobby Hill.

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For a criminal arraignment court, there sure are a lot of civil cases.

Also just got to an episode where Dan Fielding is blatantly homophobic, in response to someone thinking he was gay.

The whole ongoing arc with Harry and Billie being a romantic thing is so ridiculous, isn't that a huge obvious conflict of interest to have a romantic entanglement between the judge and the public defender?

It's amazing how many future-famous people showed up on Night Court. Brent Spiner, Estelle Harris, Michael Richards, Yakov Smirnoff...

Judge Harry Stone sure reads as having ADHD to me.

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