So my FreeMcBoot memory card arrived today and it turns out that, bafflingly enough, it lets me play burned games but not imports. How annoying!

At least now I have an easy way to do HD Loader but I suspect I'm still going to want to install a proper mod chip, which would have given me that functionality anyway. Oh well.

And meanwhile I suppose I could try ripping and burning my legal imports so that I can then HDLoader them.

Would have never gone down this path if my JP PS2 didn't die :(

Well, I"m assuming I can play burned discs with it. I don't actually have any burned PS2 games to try. I think I have a burned PS1 game around here somewhere, which I got only to test my PS1 modchip back in the day (back before my first imported Beatmania game arrived).

All the HOWTOs I'm seeing on using FreeMCBoot to play an import involve "Step 1. Rip/burn it to a DVD-R."

All I wanted was an easy way to play Beatmania without risking destroying my old fat PS2...

I suppose I could also just try spending some time to repair the JP PS2 slim. I don't know if it's *dead* or if I just need to give it a good cleaning or something. I haven't used it in a few years, and it worked fine last time I did.


oh also apparently multi-disc games don't get along well with HDLoader, and a LOT of the Beatmania games are multi-disc in dumb ways

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