I'm finally watching American Psycho after seeing the business card scene a billion times and then of course the cat-picture edit of it that's been going around

This movie sure goes places

I love how Plex lists The Life Aquatic and Fantastic Mr. Fox as "related movies"

I mean I guess they're related in that they're on the same hard drive but uh

also the SUper Mario Bros movie for some reason

but at least Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is a reasonable suggestion

anyway now I'm watching a silly silent movie called "Doublecross" that my mom was in, because Plex confused it with a Hollywood movie called "Double Cross" and like. why not.

I should probably add this movie to IMDb, just so my mom can have an IMDb page.

(I did voice acting and music/sound on an animated short that got some festival time.)

ironically I'm not listed in imdb for the thing I got an Emmy for


someday I'm going to film a tour of my house and recording studio and I'm going to just like show everyone my emmy certificate and be "and there's my ukulele, and there's my desk, and there's my Emmy, and there's my laser printer, oh hi kitty!"

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I don't know who ended up with the actual statuette, incidentally. Most of us just got certificates, suitable for framing, and I know the statuette was living at the office for a while and there was some debate about who should receive it since it's supposed to go to individuals, not organizations, but the thing in question didn't really have any specific central creator.

Hollywood politics are weird.

The two most likely people to end up with it would be Jonathan Nolan (who wrote the script) or Colin Foran (who was the director/producer). I suppose I could ask Colin, I think we're still Facebook friends.

If my role in Westworld VR counted for a Bacon Number I'd have a Bacon Number of 4. But it doesn't, as I was never on-screen (at least not in any final production video). There does exist some previz footage which I'm in though.

@fluffy should've passed it around, everyone gets to have it a week at a time

alternatively, should've taken out a hacksaw and given everyone an equal slice

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