I'm finally watching American Psycho after seeing the business card scene a billion times and then of course the cat-picture edit of it that's been going around

This movie sure goes places

I love how Plex lists The Life Aquatic and Fantastic Mr. Fox as "related movies"

@fluffy They're kind of related in terms of absurdist motif

@fluffy Yes. I read the thread. There's an undercurrent of pure nonsense and wildness in all three.

@raantuva also I guess Fantastic Mr Fox does involve dismemberment as part of its main plot too

@fluffy I'm not talking details, I'm speaking to the broader philosophy in all of them. I do find it strange they compared it to two Wes Anderson films. They ALL have that same undercurrent. Why not Moonrise Kingdom or Bottle Rocket instead. Kinda weird.


@raantuva why not those two movies is because I don’t have them on my plex server

But I have way more absurdist horror that would have made much more sensible suggestions

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