it's a little disheartening that is my most heavily-trafficked site, when I built it as a dumb little shitpost ages ago gets a fairly distant second in terms of actual requests per second

#3 is, somehow, the website for Publ itself, which is at least nice to see.

although it looks like most of the traffic to both and is things like feed readers and SEO bots, and very little is actual human traffic

well, except my nullification article, that gets shitloads of traffic

It's hard to tell how much of the traffic to flrig is humans and how much is bots anymore, unfortunately its nature makes it bot candy

also I don't host or so I have no direct server stats on that but I do get playcount stats and I can totally tell that folks are just like... listening to the first half of the first song on my most recent album and then quitting


I mean jeeze I get folks not wanting to buy the music but people aren't even bothering to listen to it before deciding it's not for them

for all the talk people have about 'supporting artists' I'm not seeing a whole lot of that support, emotionally or financially

maybe just like at least listen to it all in its entirety before you write it off? the songs cover a lot of ground, both musically and subject-matter-wise



also people are like "sorry I only listen to music on spotify" but the version on spotify gets even less playtime. in the past week only two songs from the album have been played, one time each.

This is the last week of streaming activity across *all of my songs* on spotify

why should I even bother

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well I mean I bother because I ahve so much music inside of me and I have to make music or else I'll explode

ok anyway sorry for getting cranky about stuff, i meant to go to bed like an hour ago and my meds have been making me woozy for quite some time at this point

'night y'all

also i feel kinda guilty about the couple of folks who bought things (including one who got my full discography) during my rant, sorry for pressuring folks into that and i truly hope you enjoy the music, it's really about the being-listened-to and not the money

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