Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

Because of my blood sugar issues I thought I'd give intermittent fasting a try.

Today started out well but by 2 PM I was really feeling awful so ended up eating a small quiche, which at least makes me feel less awful, but now that's primed me to want to eat all the things.

My plan was to just eat salad for dinner and nothing else today, and to try an every-other-day fasting schedule, but that might be jumping in too deep too fast.


Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

I think maybe the better approach would be to do the large-breakfast/light-dinner thing for a while, but it's hard for me to work that into my daily schedule. I have a hard time getting up early enough to make breakfast at all, and usually end up doing just lunch and dinner. And I usually overdo it on dinner. Maybe if I can reverse that and do large lunch and light dinner that'd help.

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Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

anyway this isn't a new year's resolution thing, it's a "my blood sugar spiked to 250mg/dL a few days ago and I felt like garbage and had a wake-up call" thing.

Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

@fluffy idk what your blood sugar issues are specifically, but from what I understand (from the Let Us Eat Cake podcast by dieticians who talk about nutrition from a diet-critical perspective) intermittent fasting might make any blood sugar issues worse, by giving your body less of a chance to regulate itself

of note: the mechanism of IF energy boosts is the body going "food is scarce here, better increase our stress energy so we can find food farther away"

Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

@metapianycist Hmm, good to know. My blood sugar issues are just like… elevated baseline glucose. Right now it’s down to 105 fasting which is still higher than I’d like; a few days ago it was 125 fasting and 250 post-meal which is the diabetes danger zone.

Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

@fluffy i think this is the episode where they answer a listener question about whether low carb diets prevent diabetes (they can actually worsen insulin resistance iirc):

this is the episode about intermittent fasting (highly recommend listening!):

they have an ep about diabetes that’s in my listening queue too

Food/diet (CW for being ED-adjacent) 

@metapianycist Thanks, I'll give these a listen

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