DC Comics sure has a lot of villains which are gorilla-based.


It'd be neat if comic books followed the square-cube law.

Which isn't to say that they shouldn't make giant monsters, they should just like... design them in such a way that they wouldn't crush themselves under their own weight.

A 40-foot gorilla that's adapted for having a functional circulatory system would be MUCH more interesting than a 40-foot gorilla that's just... normal gorilla But Large.

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Weird to see the all-male Hawk & Dove in Batman: Brave and the Bold. I'm so used to only seeing the post-crisis version as portrayed in the Titans live-action show.

And this is where I once again out myself as not actually reading DC comics, I just watch the TV shows and some of the movies.

Also these days I'm definitely preferring DC over Marvel. Which is weird; back when I actually read comics it was the other way around, but I definitely like what the modern DC adaptations do with the source material.

It's funny how even Peacekeeper is a surprisingly progressive show. Peacekeeper is an awful offensive jerk, but it always feels like it comes from a good place. How the hell did they pull THAT off?

(And that applies to basically all of live-action Doom Patrol too.)

I have very mixed feelings about live-action Titans though. It's uh. Weird that I keep watching it, because I don't think that I like it.

Young Justice definitely does a much better job of doing what Titans is trying to do. I hope they can stop being canceled every season.

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