vent, anti-blackness 

It's illuminating when people use terms coined as anti-black dogwhistles as legitimate language of cultural critique ("cancel culture," ironic uses of "woke," "cancel," and other AAVE terms). There's zero daylight between the coinage of those usages and terms like "SJW" or "snowflake"

The phrase "cancel culture" came straight from the fox news-ish sphere of fascist influence to dismiss black critiques of fascism, and it spread from there to other racist or credulous whites.

vent, anti-blackness 

It doesn't make it any better that people "don't know" that the words they're using are anti-black dogwhistles. That only means that the media environment they engage in is pervasively anti-black, but they don't have the political consciousness to inure themselves against racist propagandizing. Obviously that doesn't make it feel any better. I don't feel safe around people who uncritically absorb ideas adjacent to shitheads who despise black people, even if it's unintended.

vent, anti-blackness 

Tbh it's not really even the anti-black terms themselves that are the worst part. The worst part is that the "sincere" use of anti-black terms reveals how ideas rooted in racism gain legitimacy as "reasonable" beliefs spouted by "nice" people who aren't very emotionally invested in hating black people but somehow find their minds full of anti-black bullshit.

vent, anti-blackness 

There's a certain dominant media cauldron of white moderates who take fascist greivance at face value, launder it by stripping out the most blatant dogwhistles, and continue to amplify racist ideas using more palatable rhetoric.

If someone uncritically forms their worldview based on such media, learns to excise anti-black terms from their vocabulary one-by-one, but does nothing to change their media consumption habits...I'm not sure that person actually ends up less racist.

vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@oya Yeah I came across multiple instances of white people trying to "define" cancel culture so it couldn't be "misused" by fascists, or trying to reclaim it to prove the bigots are the true purveyors of cancel culture and I'm like... how about you NOT play into the fascist media machine by legitimizing an antiblack buzzword? Every earnest use of that term, and arguably even "ironic" ones by nonblack people, is a misuse that reminds Black people again and again that their language and criticism will be stolen and mocked again and again, and so-called allies will cheer it on.

It makes me sick how willing well-meaning white people are to play fascist games and therefore hand fascists automatic victories, and it really comes down to an unwillingness to educate themselves about racism and call other white people on it. Stop treating fascists and their antiblackness with respect, you fucks!!

vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@ljwrites I agree :sadsunglasses: It's endlessly disappointing. I can't tell whether it's cuz people literally just don't know that "cancel culture" is an anti-black dogwhistle, or that they're already indoctrinated into anti-blackness to such an extent that a term based in dismissal of black thought seems like a natural, neutral starting point to begin their discourse

re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@oya @ljwrites I mean...

...isn't the whole idea of "cancel culture" basically disempowered people fighting back against abusive influencers, and (hopefully) getting them "cancelled" from their privileged platforms? Kinda hard to be against that and still be antifascist.

I guess the supposedly-non-fashy use of it has more to do with people "cancelling" peers (e.g. on social networks), but I could never see how that was the same thing.

When that legitimately happens -- i.e. people actually abusing their influence to ostracize others with less influence -- that's not "cancelling"; it's more the reverse -- the thing that "cancelling" tries to fight back against: what I'd call "bullying".


re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@woozle @oya @ljwrites it’s bullying under a guise of playing the victim, and it needs a term which isn’t tainted by being a fascist dogwhistle. Because there IS a problem with it, just not the problem the right wing wants everyone to think it is.

re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@fluffy @oya @ljwrites "DARVO bullying" perhaps...

re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@woozle @oya @ljwrites hmm, that doesn’t quite work since DARVO refers to the victim-blaming response to a complaint. Also it took about two months of discourse before the term “DARVO” started getting abused too.

re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@woozle several years ago I started writing a blog post about how DARVO itself was being abused now and I couldn’t figure out how to phrase it in a way which wouldn’t seem like I was trying to support abusers.

There’s a big issue these days with well-intentioned people being exploited into perpetuating abuse, fueled by casual misunderstandings of specific terminology.

re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@fluffy Taking All The Words Away seems to be part of the strategy >.<

re: vent, anti-blackness, white media 

@woozle @oya @ljwrites I just got reminded of this thread, and in the interim I've seen the term "crybullying" which works pretty well

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