Looks like we're doing again for some reason? Okay!

Hi I'm fluffy, local nonbinary trans gal curmudgeon whomst loves to yell at the cloud. Somehow I'm still a software engineer despite my best efforts otherwise. I live in a small town just outside Seattle with two lovely kitties. I talk a lot about mental health, chronic pain, and technology.

I make a lot of things for fun and you can see most of them at and htpts:// and such.

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i just noticed i misspelled oops

also my primary music site is which is hosted by bandcamp but I’m slowly mirroring my discography to itch using a tool I wrote around a nice web player, see for that

Also I don’t really spend that much time on social media anymore but please enjoy this long-running thread written from the perspective of my bratty-but-sweet older cat, Fiona.

@fluffy Hello! When I'm not shouting at (the) cloud(s) I can be found asking my lines of code "Just what do you think you're doing?!" It's strangely habit-forming.

@fluffy hello from a fellow two-cat parent! We're in Seattle

@michel_slm Hello! Your cats, like all cats, are beautiful.

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