It's so funny that Superman's city is called Metropolis. Real set of naming geniuses came up with that one.

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I wonder if Metropolis was named that from the beginning or if it went through a number of name changes as it grew big

Like, back when it first started I bet it was called 'village' and then 'town'


It probably had a name of its own that nobody liked very much, and eventually residents were so fond of instead referring to the area and themselves as "Metropolitan" (as many real cities choose to name their various services) that they decided to lean into it.

@fluffy a bit like Shaun the sheep, where the city is named big city.

@fluffy I think it was meant to be very generic at the start, but also a 'big city'. They didn't want any specific city, so it's just the idea of a city.

I've heard that Metropolis is what architects want New York to be like, and Gotham City is more like what New York actually is, but also darker maybe?

DC has too many fictional cities, and they have the real U.S. cities too, so where are they?

What state are they even in?

@fluffy But on the other hand, Naples and a few spots named Newton exist.

@Azure I fail to see the connection. Is there some etymology I’m unaware of?

@fluffy Naples comes from Neapolis, just meaning 'New City'.

Newton is just 'New Town'.

@Azure ah. Sort of like how many countries are just named “where we are from” or “the middle of the map” and our planet is called “big ball of dirt”

@fluffy I'm honestly kind of surprised that I can't think of an existing or historical city whose name translates as just 'Big City'.

@Azure also apparently Tokyo means “Kyoto but to the east”

@Azure metropolis in the streets, smallville in the sheets

@fluffy Also my favorite city name reason ever is Zilwaukee, Michigan.

Which was named that in hopes that people planning to move to Milwaukee would get confused and end up in Zilwaukee instead.

@Azure Capitol Hill, Seattle was named that because the developer was trying to get the state of Washington to move the capitol there from Olympia.

It didn’t work.

@Azure @fluffy New Mexico has a small town named Pojoaque.

Rhymes with Milwaukee.

@Azure apparently residents of Helsinki call it “Stadi” which is just Swedish for “big city” although that’s not an official city name.

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