I am now caught up on The Owl House, so I no longer have to worry about finding major spoilers on Tumblr and the fan wiki. Yay!

(Also I totally predicted who the emperor really is. Nice.)

Owl House spoilers as of S2E16 

I also had a feeling there was something up with Hunter and what he really is, and what seems like a clone totally makes sense.

Owl House spoilers as of S2E16 

The fan wiki says that Darius is a secret member of the Covens Against the Throne but I'm not sure where that was established in the show? It's clear that Darius isn't 100% on board with Belos' plan and is secretly undermining him, but like. The wiki goes into a lot of detail about stuff that I just plain don't remember happening, even having just watched the episodes it took place in.

Is this just, like, COVID brain damage or something?

Owl House spoilers as of S2E16 

Oh, damnit, I see... the episodes air on Disney Channel months before they appear on Disney+. So I'm *not* caught up, and still subject to being spoilered. Bleauhguhl.

Okay it is supremely annoying that Disney won't put the latest episodes of their own shows on their own streaming services. What do they possibly gain by delaying the Disney+ release of Disney Channel shows?

Anyway the final 5 episodes of season 2 go to D+ in about a week and a half, at least.

And it looks like the episodes are available at disneynow.com/shows/the-owl-ho but of course that requires a cable subscription to access that.

Or there's always rarbg :P

ahahahahahahhaa omg

so when I worked at HBO I had access to the cable provider integration accounts for testing purposes

one of them still works with Disney NOW

welllll then

The Owl House S2E17 

okay Luz it's kind of selfish of you to respond to King finally getting his letter from his dad with "But how does this help us take down Belos?"

There can be more than one thing going on at a time, Luz


The Owl House S2E17 

I mean Luz absolutely has ADHD and I can totally see myself being that way too but still

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okay if i'm going to be technically stealing content I should at least do it in a way which doesn't inflict me with ads. shoulda just torrented this

also realistically I'm just gonna torrent this show at some point just as a media preservation thing too

@fluffy somehow I knew that this was gonna be about TOH, because, fuck.

@fluffy after watching the S2 finale I was literally speechless for like 2 minutes. It was too much.

@vikxin Apparently the show finale is going to be in the form of three 44-minute specials, which is about equivalent to 6 normal-length episodes. I hope they can finish the story properly in that time.

The reason they're only getting a brief miniseries to finish it out is infuriating.

@fluffy yeah I heard about that. They were expecting at least 10. That must be one hell of a scramble considering how much backstory we still don't have for several major characters. You know they were expecting to have more time for exposition...

@vikxin the animation business has a serious problem of caring too much about demographics. it’s the same thing that killed the original Teen Titans cartoon :(

@vikxin I mean at least it wasn’t “sorry this show is too gay,” it was just “sorry this show is getting amazing ratings but it’s not from the specific demographic we wanted to get the ratings from”

@fluffy oh, that wasn't what I thought it was. I thought it was "this isn't the kind of show we want" without making it clear what kind of show they were talking about (maybe the demons, maybe the gay)

@fluffy you know, that's absolutely bizarre and definitely leaving money on the table, which is not the usual fare for Disney

when can I buy a King plush?

@vikxin Dana Terrace made it sound like it was really just the decision of one shitty executive who cared more about Teh Demographics than about having a show that everyone liked.

@fluffy yeah after re-reading it I think you're right, which is a boneheaded decision from pretty much any way you look at it.

@vikxin yeah, it’s frustrating when large media corporations care more about branding than making things that people actually like

and this is literally what happened to Teen Titans too (Cartoon Network didn’t like that it was more popular with teenage girls than 12-year-old boys)

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