So I'm ripping all of my PS2 games and I noticed that the Sonic Mega Collection Plus is a whole 4.7GB, filling the entire DVD. Given that it's a collection of Genesis games, what could be taking up all that space?

A few dozen megabytes for the games and the launcher
About 1GB in video files
3GB in a file called _DUMMY_.BIN which contains nothing but NUL bytes


If they'd gone with fewer movies they could have just fit this on a CD, of course

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love how Rez, a long interactive-mix techno album with a 3D shooter game attached, is a 192MB CD

and a collection of 13 Genesis ROMs is a 4.7GB DVD

love how Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is 1.3GB for a mediocre puzzle game

FWIW at least among my collection it's pretty rare for a game to fill the entire DVD, and when it does it's usually likely to be using the storage legitimately.

Anyway I'm done ripping all(*) my PS2(**) games and installing them to my SSD. Maybe I'll actually play some of them someday.

I'm surprised I "only" have 48 PS2 games in all. I thought I had more.

* Dance Factory failed to rip but it's unplayably awful and also wouldn't work as an HDLoader game anyway since it requires disc swapping so who cares

** as in PS2-native, as I haven't done any PS1 games, many of which also wouldn't work right with HDLoader anyway since they require disc swaps

@fluffy This is why the Dolphin emulator devs implemented a unique lossless compressed disc format to crunch junk data especially well. An extreme but real example (and the only game I ever worked on that saw store shelves... and it shouldn't have). How often does a file compress to under 0.3% of original size?

Interestingly, Windows' built-in file compression brings this particular ISO down to about 0.6%. RVZ outperforms greatly on games with non-contiguous junk.

@fluffy Ah, here's a much better example, and displayed in a way that makes more sense for it:

@fluffy Oops, used WIA instead of ISO. Still, uncompressed disc image either way.

@fluffy How are you ripping them? I always wondered that.

@drwho is the easiest thing I've seen for ripping/organizing PS2 disc images, and then I use WinHIIP to load them onto the hard drive.

@fluffy I'm pretty sure that's standard fare for PS2 (and GameCube) images. For whatever reason, they're always padded out to the full size of the disc.

@vikxin That hasn’t been the case for the vast majority of games I’ve ripped so far

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