Wish I could retroactively stop this from being retooted. Apparently these claims are based on a very... strong distortion of the actual things happening.

VRChat devs haven't been great about a lot of things but this particular situation isn't on them.

That said, I do agree with the concerns about NSFW stuff. VRChat is clearly trying to position themselves as THE place for EVERYONE to be, and want to make the experience as uniform as possible for all groups.

@fluffy i saw that. the statement from the vrchat devs was as follows:

"This person was building a copy of our services to bypass our security, violate our copyrights, and was additionally threatening us with malicious action like the release of exploit information that they have not disclosed to us, so we have taken the appropriate action."

@PsyChuan @fluffy yeah this. It's a select few trying to drum up attention. Pay none to it

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