I wondr if anyone’s implemented a Pokémon game in VRChat and if it has a mode to let you catch folks with Pokémon avatars


or I suppose letting folks with Pokémon avatars be caught

@fluffy that would rule

i know someone made a functional Among Us game

@PsyChuan there's some pretty amazing games in VRChat yeah. I found a team arena shooter at one point that I'd really like to try, but it needs a lot more people than I can rustle up and the public instances are always deserted.

@fluffy oh shoot i've seen that one! yeah it looks great but i wouldn't be able to play, i wouldn't be able to use two hands to control the gun

@PsyChuan i mean, me neither right now. I thought your two-hand issues were similarly temporary though?

@fluffy sadly not, no. permanent disability in the left arm. it's still mobile but can't support it's own weight at all, especially not when being held away from the body

@PsyChuan Ah, dang, sorry to hear that. I wish VR had better accessibility.

I have to limit my time for those sorts of things too because of my chronic pain issues, although at least I can play Beat Saber without too much trouble.

@PsyChuan I wonder if Laserdome at least lets you switch hands. Maybe you could have your left arm in a sling and use that as your body trigger, and right hand for grip trigger?

I have an elbow sling around here somewhere (from when I had a particularly debilitating flare that required immobilization for a bit), maybe if I can find it I'll try that out.

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