I wonder if UdonScript gets a network/execution sandbox, or if people can use it to automatically launch webpages when someone enters a space or whatever.


Or, y'know, launching arbitrary binaries with arbitrary command line arguments

Given that UdonScript theoretically has complete access to the Unity runtime, this might be a problem.

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@fluffy I haven't fully dove down in it but from what I can see, they have a very limited set of properties and objects you're allowed to change in udonscript

so I don't think it actually has full access to the Unity runtime by design

@fluffy so I don't think a sand box but instead a limited white list of functionality

@chimerror the node-based visual language is very restricted but under the hood it's running a bytecode that has complete access to the Unity CLR bindings

I'll have to experiment with something

@fluffy for sure, like I've only played with it a little bit few months ago, and I was using UdonSharp, which lets you not use the nodes and write in C#

So that might be an even easier way to inject in there!

@chimerror yeah I mean it's UdonSharp I was specifically going to use

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