ugh steam support is kind of obnoxious about things. summary:

me: I'm having this recurring bug with SteamVR, here's my system report, any idea what might be going on?

steam: we won't try to support you because you have OpenVR plugins installed and you're using Virtual Desktop instead of Oculus Link

me: I'm fine with removing the plugins but VD is way more usable and everyone I know uses it instead of Oculus Link, please consider supporting that officially


steam: then you will need to go elsewhere for support, you MUST remove the OpenVR plugins if you want support from us

me: I said specifically that I'm fine with removing the plugins, I was just saying, hey, this alternate to Oculus Link that a lot of people use, maybe you should consider supporting it officially because it's way better

(I wrote it much more politely of course)

who knows what their followup will be for that, but I'm not optimistic

also I doubt any of my installed OpenVR plugins would have anything to do with the bug I'm having (especially since none of them are even active), and what's the point of having a plugin architecture if you're not going to make it possible to isolate issues to a specific plugin? skjdlfjslkjfsljlks

also the bug I'm experiencing is a random corruption issue with SteamVR's controller bindings and it happens sporadically, which doesn't make it easy to tell if the issue is even fixed


like I understand that tech support is hard but making things a black box where Thou Must Do This In One Way Only isn't a great path forward to making a better platform for people

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anyway I think I figured out the problem, now I’m trying to figure out how to make the solution stick

The problem was I set up some one-handed bindings back when one of my controllers was out for RMA, and for some reason SteamVR keeps on forcing it back to those bindings even though I’ve deleted them and of course I have no reason to use those bindings when I have two working controllers.

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