Dangit, everything's stopped being able to resolve my silly site at because suddenly folks have decided categorically to enforce the 'no emoji' restriction on IDN.

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@fluffy are you sure it’s not just expiring/hijacking your site? i know they do that when you get a free domain
@fluffy ~ $ whois
The domain you requested is not known in Freenoms database.

WHOIS query rejected for the Dot TK Domain Registry

@charlotte My registration is current according to the FreeNom dashboard. I wonder if maybe Freenom stopped supporting emoji domains?

Browsers stopped supporting them anyway so it became less fun to bother.

@fluffy hm, not sure that is it? E.g. the emoji domain for the Indieweb webring still works for me:

@HeNeArXn It looks like maybe freenom has stopped supporting emoji domains or something? my registration is still valid but it's failing in whois

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