I know what the intention is but this sure seems like a poster for prenatal dental care

oh my god these are the worst fucking wish-it-were-two-factor questions EVER

and I mean as far as I can tell it's just World Clock which does this, my system time zone is set based on Seattle which is also what turns up for location services

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It's also annoying how the World Clock doesn't let you specify timezones, you can only select cities that happen to be in that timezone... and guess which city they use for all of Pacific time.

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This brochure stock image looks like the female-presenting version of the “kilo of feathers vs kilo of lead” meme


also people are like "sorry I only listen to music on spotify" but the version on spotify gets even less playtime. in the past week only two songs from the album have been played, one time each.

This is the last week of streaming activity across *all of my songs* on spotify

why should I even bother

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Found them sleeping near each other without me in between them. Progress!

just noticed in the Teen Titans (cartoon) intro, Cyborg has something that looks like braille text visible.

It doesn't seem to translate to anything though, so I"m guessing someone just like. used a Braille font and then keysmashed to make things that looked like flashing blinkenlights.

Fiona just licked Tyler on the head! And didn’t try to kill him afterward! And now they’re sitting peacefully next to each other!

I’m so proud

Not entirely sure if this is a flea or what but it doesn't look like a bedbug at least

but it definitely is a bloodsucker, whatever it is

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The closest together they’ve been for more than 30 seconds without an attempted murder happening

Ended up keeping it upstairs for now. But I’ll be ready to move it downstairs when I’m ready for that. Meanwhile it’s uh… very sparse.

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Racial slur, Nextdoor having a normal one 

Continuing to have a normal one

who knew that it would be so contentious to say "hey I've heard this is a slur that you shouldn't use"

oh right, I knew

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