So in working on my VRChat avatar I decided that there should be a shadow-creature hole-in-space variant. However, I'm worried that this might read as being blackface, in which case I obviously don't want to use this color scheme. Could folks weigh in on this?

And if this is as problematic as I worry about, in order to make it NOT look like blackface, but still have the lips be readable, what would be a better alternative?

Where a Bed Bath & Beyond falls, a Spirit springs up to take its place

It’s the ciiiiiiircle of life

Ah, I see. There’s a meal planning and recipe thing that works with it and that’s kinda useful I guess.

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But hey at least I can toggle the oven light from my phone, that’s so incredibly useful /s

(On the other hand it DOES let me set the clock from my phone’s time, and I could theoretically start preheating while on my way home from the store if that didn’t seem like a massive safety hazard)

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Related graphs: total nginx request rates, and per-vhost request rates ( being my comment system)

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you can probably guess when my post 'falsehoods programmers believe about email' hit the hackernews front page

For some reason that post suddenly went viral and I'm getting so many webmention notifications about it too aaaaagh

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Anyway, here's my track, "Let's Go" from the Deck of Desire OST (and an upcoming album), original version: (wav2midi and basic pitch versions coming next, mastodon only lets you attach a single mp3 to a toot though)

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also another fun thing to do is to use a sine wave as the output sample, making the MIDI into effectively a very low bitrate mp3

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For the sake of comparison, here's the same song run through wav2midi

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Tried out Spotify's "Basic Pitch" tool at, which works way better than wav2midi when it comes to converting audio into a stream of somewhat-credible MIDI data.

This is the second thing I tried, after verifying that it made not-a-total-mess out of one of my own songs. (You can probably already guess what it is, sorry/not sorry)

Mother, I have an urge to climb a tree.

There are no trees in here, though.

You will have to do.

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Figured out a good workflow to quickly make low-ish polygonal hair using subdivision surfaces. Basically I just selected the faces on the skull which were hair roots, duplicated them, separated them out to another object, did a scale extrude, then used the polygon edges as a basis for further extrusion and modification.

I feel like the basic modeling is Good Enough and the next step should be applying UVs, and then blend shapes and rigging.

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made me some half-assed ears which work way better than they have any right to

oh also I have no idea how I'm going to do the eyelids. It'll probably just be separate geometry that gets more blend shapes. Blend shapes are cool, right?

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oh also, tail

Still need to figure out how I'm going to model the hair. I have a pretty good idea how I'm going to do the horns though.

Also rigging this is probably going to be a nightmare. I've never rigged anything before. I probably bit off more than I can chew given that this is the first 3D model I've made in Blender.

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