Damnit, my roomba knocked my older laptop onto the floor and now the screen is fucked up. Looks like a hairline fracture in the panel itself.

How do you decide to make a movie about these two characters and make it, like, a horror torture porn movie?

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JFC Lyft a rating of 4/5 isn’t a “this driver is awful” it’s a “hey things weren’t perfect”

Ok my car should be almost done charging now, guess I can check out.

Best find: me-colored flannel bed sheets

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Also they sell several varieties of Soylent. That’s actively surprising to me and I picked up a couple bottles because I’ve been curious but don’t want to spend a crapton on their “subscription” thing

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Selfie, mild ec, the reminder of the inevitable march of time 

“Hey fluffy, how did you get those amazing streaks in your hair?”

“I got old.”

One of these days I'll manage to take a trip to Port Angeles when it isn't raining the whole time.

One of my Ukrainian coworkers joined the standup today, again from his dark secluded place, and he also had a virtual background set on Zoom, which certainly led to an interesting effect.

This being the photo from his slides demonstrating the issue; you can clearly see that the handles on both sides look the same (and provide a "pull" affordance, incidentally, so I might have had the directions backwards but that kind of reinforces my point TBH).

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Today I was talking about the problems of UX development with my manager and remembered a thing my HCI prof showed us on the first day of class way back in 1997. He showed us this picture and asked everyone if they could tell what it was.

To me this image still looks incredibly obvious, but apparently most folks who first see this image still can't identify what it is.

I bought some air plants without realizing they’re basically tribbles.

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