shop talk 

@BestGirlGrace I still find occasional uses for inheritance but usually interface-based dependency injection is the better pattern to go with. Including the circumstances where I end up using inheritance just because it seems "easier" (until it isn't).

Elderly pet, end-of-life care 

of course I give him the CBD by adulterating his treats and now Fiona wants the special treats too

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Elderly pet, end-of-life care 

He mostly stumbles around and clearly is uncomfortable while lying down, and occasionally meows about pains in his tummy, but on the other hand he loves himself some treats.

I've been giving him .5-1mg of CBD on occasion and that seems to help.

I hope he dies peacefully in his sleep instead of me needing to hire someone to do the deed when he's in too much pain to go on.

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Elderly pet, end-of-life care 

Man, for a cat who's fucking dying, Werner sure seems to be pretty cheerful.

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Mother! Mother! Mother! Motherrrrr!

Yes, let me out! Open the door such that I may be free outside! Please!

But... it is a little bit cold outside. And the large wheeled-conveyance machines are slightly frightening. And the neighbors' chickens stare at me when I look at them.

I have changed my mind.

But please. LET ME OUT.


okay i changed my mind let me back in let me in let me in let me in let m

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@sixohsix Ah yeah UI views are generally an annoying problem space to deal with but also best served with a really straightforward containment tree.

@sixohsix for situations like that I like a named path as the key, like a map of string -> struct where the string is e.g. “/foo/bar/baz”. Or if you want to be more encoding-agnostic you could store the key as a comparable vector of string components, although I don’t think STL has any builtins for that (but it’s easy enough to subclass std::vector to make one).

@sixohsix oh, if you explicitly need the tree structure as part of it then yeah that’s less useful. But if you need a balanced tree for searching sorted keys, lower_bound et al have you covered.

@sixohsix Usually if people are implementing that themselves in C++ they've already made a huge mistake. std::map exists for a reason, and it provides all that functionality.

Rebecca Black was always a good singer who just had the rotten luck of being paired up with a shitty producer when she was 13.

Turns out she's got a real music career now and the music she's making is *amazing*.


that said I'm in rather a lot of pain right now

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I've been smoking too much weed lately. It hasn't helped my pain at all lately and it's completely messed up my sleep. I'm gonna do a tolerance break for, say, a week.

the easy trolley problem:

your trolley is on a track with five people tied to it and they are going to be run over

but you can switch tracks, there is just one person tied to the other track

that one person is jeff bezos

the easy trolley problem

what is wrong with me that I decided to buy a bunch of IIDX mixes though

Beatmania is REALLY HARD on my wrists

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Oh wow I forgot about the brief time that Christine was implied to be some sort of witch/wizard/magical being.

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(but then again, so was mine when I lived there, and my rent was still $1300/month in 2004)

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(although it's also established that Bull's apartment is horrible and right under an elevated train line)

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also a sign of the times: Florence makes $460/week ($23,920/year), and Bull makes $350/week ($18,200/year). This is presented as a livable wage. In Manhattan.

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