@nakedambition yeah, i bought the popur via kickstarter and I was amazed at how it shipped within a week of its estimate

@Azure A fluid layout is a sensible thing where it tries to present things appropriate to the size of the screen. A liquid layout is where it tries to fit the layout to the screen size. The terms are probably interchangeable. Either way, they're usually done wrong when it comes to image sizes.

@nakedambition Popur! It's pretty okay. of course now that I have it I've seen Kickstarters for even better designs that I wish I'd gone with instead, but I hvae this one now and it works well and the cats are happy with it.

@Azure it's a "liquid layout"

because as we all know, the surface of water is extremely readable

Sporepondence, no image description because I'm asking for visual identification. 😅 

@maloki Oh also the gill colors are wrong

Sporepondence, no image description because I'm asking for visual identification. 😅 

@maloki Everything is edible if you're brave enough and don't care about survival

But yeah those look very much like cremini (although the stem shape is wrong), so I can imagine someone getting poisoned very easily by them.


Sporepondence, no image description because I'm asking for visual identification. 😅 

@maloki they look tasty, which is why I will never be safe for wild mushroom identification

I got the kitties a robotic self-cleaning litter box which arrived a week and a half ago. Fiona took to it right away but when Tyler first saw it work he was absolutely terrified of it and refused to go near it.

Anyway now that he’s gotten familiar with it he loves it, and also insists on watching it every time it does its thing. It’s the most interesting thing to him now.

Fiona’s just glad she always has a clean litter box now.

@woozle ugh and now they're gating me out because I have an ASCAP membership that I don't actually want anymore but ASCAP makes it really fucking hard to leave :|

also somehow it seems to have forgotten about my artist page on there entirely, but when I try to recreate it it tells me the name is already in use

totally functional, useful website that I feel like dealing with >:|

@woozle ugh, jamendo isn't letting me log in, so I try resetting my password and it keeps on insisting that my password that follows all of their stringent password specifications doesn't follow their stringent password specifications. ANNOYING

@woozle ah okay, it’s been years since I’ve bothered with jamendo. I remember uploading a couple of my albums to it and finding the entire process to be annoying and not worth it in the end, so I still just stick mostly to bandcamp (and sometimes itchio) for my music distribution.

@woozle oh also not all songs even have vocals (songtradr at least lets you select “none/instrumental” in that case but it still big-brains the copyright assignment as being about the lyrics and not the composition, because music industry)

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