@Retrograde ah, I see. I had looked thoroughly at the description and was still thrown off.

Maybe Adrian Black has some ideas? I know he’s done a bunch of repairs on C64 modulators to cut down on jailbars at least.

Mother, the glowing rectangle is clearly causing you distress. I shall insert myself between you and it so as to reduce your panic.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E03 

@julie It doesn't bug me so much that new Trek has a wider imagination than the original Trek creators had, what with the passage of real-world time, despite the clumsy retconning. What bugs me in this particular case is that established technology from TOS is being completely ignored in SNW, even in episodes which focus on episodes where that existing tech was established.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (and new Trek in general) 

@julie not-Shran in SNW is especially egregious about it

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (and new Trek in general) 

@julie discovery even has it multiple times

Heck so does Picard (with Adam Soong and maybe Agnes Jurarti)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1E03 

okay so the doctor needs to keep his daughter in the transporter pattern buffer indefinitely, preventing the transporter from being upgraded, because apparently he can't just like. materialize her and put her into cryostasis until they upgrade the transporters?

also like cryostasis is a very well-established technology by the time of SNW (like so much of the plot of this episode is even about Khan)

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (and new Trek in general) 

What is with New Trek's obsession of always having at least one character who is a completely self-absorbed egomaniacal genius who likes to tell everyone how much of a genius they are in response to anyone asking them any question about how they did something?

sonic 2 liveposting 

@BestGirlGrace there’s a couple of steeet signs that snuck in and I forgot the names on them. I was intending on looking them up to see which part of Vancouver kinda-sorta looks like pike place

sonic 2 liveposting 

@BestGirlGrace it wasn’t actually filmed here, I think it uses Vancouver as a stand-in like most movies “in seattle” do

Quick poll: when you start walking, which foot do you usually step with first?

@maffsie it's satisfying, like popping the world's most expensive bubble wrap

@maffsie also it's way too fun to poke at the crack to make it grow larger

I found myself screaming "FUCK YOU" at the Roomba and wanting to punish it like it was some sort of misbehaving animal

It's been misbehaving a LOT lately too, like doing a lot of cleaning jobs way beyond what I have it scheduled to do

starts doing a scheduled clean at lunchtime and then at like 10 PM it's still going, doing plenty of stuff it wasn't told to do, and the app is fucking useless at figuring out why it's doing this shit

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oh my god this fucking Roomba seems to have it out for the MacBook

like I had the MacBook set up on my entertainment stand so that I could hook it up to my TV to finish backing it up and then wiping it, and for some reason my Roomba decided to clean late at night and made a beeline RIGHT FOR THE MACBOOK'S POWER CABLE and then pulled the MacBook down AGAIN

and it could have caused even more damage this time, thankfully it didn't destroy my TV or an antique vase that got knocked over! JESUS

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a picture doesn't quite capture it because it's like. flickering vertically quite rapidly. @maffsie

@maffsie oddly enough the screen has uh... sorta recovered. ish.

I am in fact using the macbook right now, because I apparently hate myself.


Espresso tonics: A+

Espresso tonics with .5mL of THC tincture: S+

@tinyfluffs Yeah I was watching one of his videos and then looking at his site. Also today I found out he's local to me.

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