@emma Not just Babish, a lot of coffee youtube folks have been hawking it too. There *is* something to be said about having controlled processes for getting an ideal extraction and this at least seems less-awful than Keurig or Nespresso overall, but yeah, it's kind of a WTF.

so for Novembeat 2021 I'm going to try to do 'lo-fi beats to grind coffee to' and I decided it'd be funny to name each track after a different overpriced grinder and anyway long story short it turns out there's way more than 30 overpriced grinders out there

listening to concert bootleg recordings on archive.org. funny how most of them start with a little intro spiel that includes "And of course, no recording allowed"

like come on people are you trying to get archive.org in trouble?

The lesson from surviving an oppressive world is compassion for those who have to survive it, too. We’re not free until we’re all free.

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Medical talk (nothing particularly negative) 

They changed their mind and decided I don’t need a pneumonia vaccine after all. That is also fine by me.

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Who decided to call them capybaras and not Guinea bigs?

(ht to Calliope on the red means recording discord)

Medical talk (nothing particularly negative) 

Anyway I’m waiting for my cholesterol screening and they’ve also suggested I get a pneumonia vaccination too while I’m here.

Anyway I gotta say this general-access clinic is way the hell better than the membership-based “concierge” doctor I was seeing before. Fuck One Medical. Seattle folks, go to Neighborcare instead.

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Medical talk (nothing particularly negative) 

Also the clinic I go to now has a policy of an HIV and Hep-C screening regardless of risk level and being an asexual virgin who has never shared a needle it’ll be really surprising if either of those come back positive.

The PA said I could opt out of them if I objected but I’m like “might as well get a record of it so you can stop bugging me about it”

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Medical talk (nothing particularly negative) 

My A1C is slightly elevated again so I guess I need to snack less and exercise more. Which is usually a good guide for life anyway.

Also as usual my blood pressure registers as hypertension because they’re always taking it while I’m still coming down from my requisite anxiety attack from the drive here.

I saw this image and I have not been able to stop laughing for like 3 minutes straight

I know what the intention is but this sure seems like a poster for prenatal dental care

@Austin_Dern @porsupah I wonder what part of the country they were in and how large their state was.

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