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I suppose I could also just try spending some time to repair the JP PS2 slim. I don't know if it's *dead* or if I just need to give it a good cleaning or something. I haven't used it in a few years, and it worked fine last time I did.

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All the HOWTOs I'm seeing on using FreeMCBoot to play an import involve "Step 1. Rip/burn it to a DVD-R."

All I wanted was an easy way to play Beatmania without risking destroying my old fat PS2...

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Well, I"m assuming I can play burned discs with it. I don't actually have any burned PS2 games to try. I think I have a burned PS1 game around here somewhere, which I got only to test my PS1 modchip back in the day (back before my first imported Beatmania game arrived).

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So my FreeMcBoot memory card arrived today and it turns out that, bafflingly enough, it lets me play burned games but not imports. How annoying!

At least now I have an easy way to do HD Loader but I suspect I'm still going to want to install a proper mod chip, which would have given me that functionality anyway. Oh well.

And meanwhile I suppose I could try ripping and burning my legal imports so that I can then HDLoader them.

Would have never gone down this path if my JP PS2 didn't die :(

watching The Karate Kid for the first time in... gosh I don't know how long. man this movie sure is an 80s tropefest.

Mother, I am ready to say hello to him, and yet he cowers in fear whenever I approach, and acts so surprised when I sniff him from behind. How dare he not quickly befriend me now that I am ready? I haven’t even swatted at him in at least six hours!

I believe he is defective.

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This clumsy lout is raising such a ruckus, chasing the red dot around like a fool. Clearly he should be chasing the dot with grace and poise as I do. What a philistine.

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although I'm also kind of hoping that this theoretical Next Mac I Buy will have built-in NVMe expansion or reasonably-priced factory storage and therefore not need an expensive external enclosure

I know the chance of either thing is approximately 0 but I can still hope, right?

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This setup is theoretically temporary anyway though. Waiting to find out what Apple's next hardware revisions will be before I decide what to put in my studio long-term.

Also I'd just add some NVMe-over-thunderbolt drives to the mix but they're friggin' expensive right now, and hopefully the price goes down when supply chains become less fucky

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Today's discovery: I get better throughput to my NAS over gigabit Ethernet than I do to a local 6TB HDD over local USB 3

(the NAS has an SSD cache, which helps immensely, and its limiting factor is the network interface; the HDD is just slow and crappy)

Unfortunately, Native Instruments doesn't support running off of a NAS, so I'm stuck with the crappy local drive.

@scanlime This is, of course, all to work around a sync issue in my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 that stacks badly with a UX issue with a used Behringer ADA8200 I just picked up

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@scanlime oh except the biphase mark code encoding means it needs more like 6MHz, ugh (which I see you mentioned in the article too)

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@scanlime well. using a really fast Arduino. 48KHz S/PDIF means needing a 3MHz sampling frequency on the S/PDIF input, probably, although wordclock is AFAICT just doing a needle pulse at the time of the S/PDIF preamble? or something? and presumably the recipient only looks at the rising edge

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@scanlime Oh hey I was just looking up S/PDIF and wordclock stuff and I found your article that you wrote on S/PDIF.

Right now I'm trying to figure out the best way to generate a wordclock signal from an S/PDIF signal... any ideas? There used to be a company that produced a device to do that but I'm finding no details on pricing/construction and the company is now defunct.

It *seems* like it should be pretty simple to wire up an Arduino to do it.

oh god I also failed to realize that Beast Boy is the same voice as Michaelangelo in the 2012 TMNT series

although at least those voices are different enough that it's a bit more reasonable to miss

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