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Trying out "Imperfect Produce" which is like... okay, weekly grocery subscription box, might be convenient, certainly a lot easier than dealing with QFC and they seem to have pretty reasonable prices.

But it's funny when they have an item that's labelled "excess inventory," you add it to your box, and get an "out of stock" error.

okay so in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force intro theme it's stated that Meatwad is a Taurus

Is it because he's made of cow meat?

I guess according to wiki the retroactive explanation is that "Koriand'r" and "Komand'r" are Tamaranian for "Starfire" and "Blackfire" respectively and so this just raises even more weird questions about why Titans keeps going back and forth between those names in the various contexts.

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Oh also finally direct acknowledgement in this episode that Jonathan Crane is Scarecrow.

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I always figured that the Tamaranians' names were all puns on food things, what with, y'know, Tamarind, Coriander, etc. Not that "cormander" or "kormander" are a thing either. But whatever.

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ALso all this time I've misunderstood Komand'r's name as Kormand'r. Oops.

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okay so in Titans they're FINALLY referring to Koriand'r as Starfire in superhero contexts.

But then in a flashback, *her parents* refer to her as Koriand'r and her sister as Blackfire. And also as Komand'r. In the same sentence. And in this flashback Komand'r wouldn't have even had a reason for a superhero name yet?

So weird.

Apparently the drip's been happening for a couple weeks though. I only started to notice it because of droplets of water sitting on top of a storage container that happened to be under it, and when I moved it I noticed a rust spot right underneath it.

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anyway I have a few contractors who are able to come out and take a look tomorrow or early next week (thanks Yelp) and I'd been meaning to redo this bathroom anyway. Just wish it werne't, y'know, under emergent circumstances.

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fuck, water's getting into my basement from my shower

Judging by the quick-and-dirty patchwork I see under the leak, this isn't the first time it's happened in this house.

Glad I caught it before it got catastrophic, although I'm guessing there's a lot of moisture intrusion that's made it already pretty bad.

The Algorithm blessed me with this lovely video of Wendy Carlos demonstrating her modular synth while also absolutely killing it with a perfect nonbinary presentation.

maybe it is time to admit that our browsers are no longer mozilla 5.0 compatible

Found them sleeping near each other without me in between them. Progress!

unsurprisingly it did not bring the catharsis i was hoping for

but hey at least i'm a crying nervous wreck who doesn't want to go back to this zoom call

Death, suicide mention 

Incidentally it’s very nearly the 10th anniversary of Chris/Findra committing suicide. I feel like I’m finally over that, or at least feelings about it haven’t hit me like a ton of bricks in a while.

I do still wonder if I should be public and blatant about what, exactly, happened. I’ve talked about the situation on my blog in the past but haven’t ever actually made a specific connection between that incident and Chris, I don’t think.

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Dream, death 

Last night I had a dream that Werner was still alive. It turned out that the cat I had put to sleep wasn’t Werner, and I actually somehow had *two* Russian Blues living with me and they were taking turns being seen, and the real Werner was just hiding in a closet this whole time. Somehow my mom managed to shame me for this too.

wait are snaps VM images or are they just appimage the long way around? whatever the case, snaps are so ridiculously bloated and overwrought and aren't nearly as elegant as appimage

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oh the other annoying thing with mainline Debian is it being a pain in the butt to install Discord. The .deb package doesn't work without sketchy mods, so the other choices are a .tar.gz build or running from snap. For now I'm going with snap.

I really wish AppImage were more popular as a distribution format, because why the hell does a chat app need to run in a VM container

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