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Did it always feel THIS GOOD to wash my hands with hot water?

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I just had my first real shower in two weeks and oh my god it felt good

Thing that makes me feel old: realizing that the Korg 01/W is now a vintage synthesizer (née iTunes) used to let you disable the Apple Music thing entirely but they seem to have removed that option in Mojave, too.

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It's super frustrating to find "spotify exclusive" singles and such. I get that artists are probably getting paid for them, but it is locking up music behind the big corporate ransom scheme where you either pay with subscriptions, ads, or being manipulated.

in this case I was actually buying the digital version of a vinyl album I bought for like $1 ages ago and came across again today and remembered I liked it a lot and wanted to be able to hear it without having to go through the rigamarole of vinyl

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well also apple music's shitty for an actual listening experience (in the same way that spotify et al are too)

but mostly I actually care about indie musicians making money off of their music being listened to

which is why I usually buy on bandcamp if possible but a lot of the music I find is still iTunes/Amazon/etc.-only

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Usually it spams me when I'm looking to buy an album for $10 and I get it, it's probablybeing like "hey did you know that instead of paying $10 for this one album you could pay $10 for ALL the albums"

but I'm like... I'm paying money for the album because *i want the musician to see some of it*

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omfg could apple please stop spamming me with ads for apple music every fucking time i launch

seriously i do not want to subscribe to that jfc fuck off

finally got around to booking my covid booster, whee has some tips on how to avoid these issues although they mostly involve not watching TV while treading the mill, which is the only thing that makes the treadmill bearable. But also I'll be going home tomorrow and that means I'll be doing DDR again.

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I'm watching a cartoon in which Tom Kenny plays someone whose backstory is that they're a normal, meek human who stumbles upon a magic hat which gives them blue skin and amazing magic powers but which also messes with their sense of reality and morals.

Obviously I'm talking about

Incidentally it usually takes like 5-10 minutes for my brain to let me start walking correctly again after using the treadmill just because I get so acclimated to walking and staying still. Is that normal? I don’t feel like it used to affect me that much.

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anyway 10 minutes until my therapy appointment too, good time for my impostor syndrome to be on full display i guess

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Oh yeah so it turns out that he had gotten his wires crossed and one of his other current clients has the same name as my deadname. Weird coincidence.

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