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I'm having so much trouble focusing on work and also I made the mistake of reading some blog entries from when Werner died

Holy fuck no wonder when I had crappy insurance my hematologist put me on warfarin instead

Oh and the pH meter got tested while I was descaling my espresso machine, and I just wanted to see what the pH was of both the citric acid solution and of the rinse water afterward. And of course I calibrated it first (using the included buffer solution) but that didn't help, the readings were essentially random, and later it'd just read 0.00 all the time (which is obviously not accurate or even physically possible).

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When the plumbing got replaced there was definitely a LOT of rust and corrosion on the old shutoff valve and White Center is known to have rust in the water in general, so I suspect that there was just some crud that got dislodged and is slowly dissolving. Early on there was some debris in the water line which messed up my kitchen faucet, which at least contributes to that theory.

Hopefully it clears up over time.

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The whole reason I went down this path, incidentally, is because my water always has a little burst of visible rust in it when I first run it, and I wanted to make sure there wasn't, like, a crapton in the water. Sometimes after Brita filtering I still see a slight reddish-yellow tinge in the water if I don't flush it well enough first.

Also this wasn't a prominent issue before I got the plumbing replaced a few months ago.

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Oh right, so, things I learned:

1. The jugs of distilled water I had left over from my renovation have 50PPM dissolved solids
2. My house's water is around 80PPM with settled rust, 60PPM after a 10-second flush, and 40PPM after being run through a Brita filter
3. Cheap pH meters are garbage and I am not sure I trust the TDS meter either (although my various other TDS tests were at least plausible)

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Young Justice S3 

Anyway I'm done with season 3. Not sure if I'll wait for all of season 4 to be available before starting it, or if I'll just watch the first half and then, y'know, wait.

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Young Justice S3 

Space Trek 3016 raises some interesting questions, like... do they have to use a different chromakey backdrop to accommodate Garfield's green skin? Or are all the sets practical?

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Young Justice S3 

As much as I love this show, gosh it's hard to keep track of all these characters. This is one hell of a gigantic ensemble.

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I love how when I'm letting Fiona back inside she grabs at the door to try to open it faster. Yes Fiona, thank you for helping! You are quite effective.

like it’s wild that they took the concept of “here’s easy cheap meals you can make when you’re struggling with money/time/energy” and turned it into “here’s how to get millions of Instagram likes while pretending to be at a fancy restaurant with friends”

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I just tried watching the show “Struggle Meals” because it’s a great idea for a cooking show but holy fuck everything about it annoyed me to an extreme and I had to stop 5 minutes in

like the host constantly harping on about how to make everything the most instagrammable, in this extremely extra sing-songy voice with EXTREME JUMPCUTS and so on

and like it’s like they completely missed the point to their own fucking show

The fog continues to be quite dense, and I am having fun shining a laser pointer outside and seeing how far the trail goes through the fog. (Being careful not to shine it anywhere that it might hit someone's eyes, of course, although I just have a cheap low-power red laser pointer, nothing dangerous.)

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Young Justice S3 

... and your actual daughter, I guess

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Young Justice S3 

Sometimes family is your original, his other clone, your assassin ex-wife's ex-assassin sister, a dozen random kids rescued from a lab, an augmented wolf, two aliens, a half-alien hybrid, and a reanimated corpse hosting an extradimensional supercomputer.

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