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Also Rio Rancho's original expansion plan was quite ambitious and intended to make it into a large bustling tech metropolis. As far as I know most of the planned city blocks were never actually built.

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Seattle and San Francisco were both vastly transformed, mostly for the worse, by the tech industry, in part because both cities are very physically-constrained and zoned in ways that make it difficult to increase in density. Albuquerque is much larger, land-area-wise, and also has a lot more internal room for growth in the various business districts.

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There’s also a surprising amount of military/defense research in Albuquerque due to there being a military weapons lab (Kirtland) and a department of energy lab (Sandía). There’s a reason the Half Life games are set in Black Mesa, NM, which is a real place (although not the setting of an actual shadow government research lab as far as I know).

And of course Roswell and Los Alamos and White Sands aren’t very far away either.

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Microsoft started a couple blocks away from my high school, in the same vicinity as MITS which was the original big player in personal computing. Jeff Bezos also grew up in Albuquerque. This could have happened.

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Alternate history idea: what if Albuquerque had remained the center of the tech industry instead of it all moving to San Francisco and Seattle

Yeah, fuck TERFs, but have you considered the ways in which TERFism is a direct offshoot of white supremacy and the colonialism it was invented to justify, and if that we link arms with our anti-colonialist comrades around the globe we'll come much closer to liberation than if we simply focus on the narrow issues which only affect us obviously and directly?

It's raining outside so of course my cats are absolutely bonkers because it's only days like this when they actually want to play

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 

Real r/thanksimcured moment from Captain Pike learning to appreciate realizing he's mortal

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 

Doesn't General Order 1 stop applying once contamination has already irrevocably taken place and they need to take extreme action to fix things?

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 

So they're just gonna completely ignore how Pon Farr works, huh?

Also, Nurse Chapel running first-line genetic experiments feels like it's outside of the auspices of a nurse's duties.

I canceled my Paramount+ subscription a month ago and yet I still seem to be able to watch it without limitations and ads. Love when an account error works out in my favor.

I always find it funny when some boomer talks about internet speeds as if a T1 line is fast by todays standards. Like they don’t realize that their home cable connection is orders of magnitude faster, and even cheap shitty cellphone service usually exceeds T1 speeds now.

Similarly my dad still thinks that SGI workstations are the cutting edge of graphics hardware. They haven’t been relevant in 20 years.

medical access 

okay he responded to my latest message agreeing to refer me to a cardiologist, phew

also just to be clear I didn't have to fight with my doctor on this and he's generally really good, it's just hard to get his attention because he's VERY BUSY and it's the nurses at his clinic who suck

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medical access 

as much as I like my doctor I wish he'd take my "hey I'm worried about my heart health" concerns and at least give it a listen rather than just like having me list out symptoms and say what the alternatives could be, while also simultaneously being Very Concerned about my labwork and going straight to medications that only give me other problems

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medical access 

also if what I'm experiencing really is "just anxiety" wouldn't it be good to measure it to make sure that's all it is to make me, y'know, less anxious?

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medical access 

For quite some time I've been wanting to see a cardiologist because I'm concerned about my heart health, but everyone I talk to both downplays symptoms as "just stress" but also says that if I'm experiencing a cardiac emergency to dial 911 to go to the hospital via expensive ambulance.

Couldn't I get checked out proactively rather than waiting for a life-threatening emergency?

i still get caught off guard by how nice the fediverse is as a place to be queer and trans, and also how toxic or even just weird the fediverse gets if you bring up racism or white nonsense.

i get where it comes from and it still gets me most days.

reminder to self 

you're allowed to do things.
you do not need other people's approval for every tiny thing you do.
you do not need to ask permission.
you are allowed to like the things you like, even if others dislike them.
you do not need to like everything other people like.
you are allowed to have needs.
you are allowed to ask for help.
you are allowed to say no.
you have a right to exist, and take up space and resources you need.
you are allowed to not function from time to time.

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