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ahahahahahahhaa omg

so when I worked at HBO I had access to the cable provider integration accounts for testing purposes

one of them still works with Disney NOW

welllll then

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Anyway the final 5 episodes of season 2 go to D+ in about a week and a half, at least.

And it looks like the episodes are available at but of course that requires a cable subscription to access that.

Or there's always rarbg :P

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Okay it is supremely annoying that Disney won't put the latest episodes of their own shows on their own streaming services. What do they possibly gain by delaying the Disney+ release of Disney Channel shows?

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Owl House spoilers as of S2E16 

Oh, damnit, I see... the episodes air on Disney Channel months before they appear on Disney+. So I'm *not* caught up, and still subject to being spoilered. Bleauhguhl.

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Owl House spoilers as of S2E16 

The fan wiki says that Darius is a secret member of the Covens Against the Throne but I'm not sure where that was established in the show? It's clear that Darius isn't 100% on board with Belos' plan and is secretly undermining him, but like. The wiki goes into a lot of detail about stuff that I just plain don't remember happening, even having just watched the episodes it took place in.

Is this just, like, COVID brain damage or something?

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Owl House spoilers as of S2E16 

I also had a feeling there was something up with Hunter and what he really is, and what seems like a clone totally makes sense.

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I am now caught up on The Owl House, so I no longer have to worry about finding major spoilers on Tumblr and the fan wiki. Yay!

(Also I totally predicted who the emperor really is. Nice.)

[That said, it is *absolutely* better for cats to remain strictly indoors, if you can manage it. At some point I need to build a catio to see if that’s enough to satisfy their need for outdoor stimulation.]

[We now return you to the long-running thread where I pretend to be Fiona.]

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[I am well aware of the whole “cats actually wander further than you think” but their collars also have AirTags on them and I’ve never seen them go more than 3 houses away. AirTags aren’t totally reliable for determining that, of course, but they typically only spend 1-2 hours outside at a time so it seems trustworthy as a metric. Usually they just hang out on my porch or deck, or follow me around in the yard while I garden.]

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[Note: I really did not want them to be indoor/outdoor cats, but even after 9 years of Fiona being strictly-indoors in a condo, the moment we moved to the suburbs she was immediately impossible to contain, and Tyler has also been resistant to staying inside. Both of them are rescue strays so they came pre-ruined, I think.]

[They are only allowed out with collars with bells on them and as far as I know they’ve been unsuccessful at ever catching a bird. They mostly stay near the house, too.]

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Mother, please let me outside. Other Cat and I would like to avail ourselves of the outdoor facilities, such as the large litter boxes with the plants, the all-you-can-eat buffet, and the shady forest-under-the-deck.

Ah, this is embarrassing, but it is rather cold outside; could you please let me back in?

Ah, but it turns out that I really want to be outside. Could you let me out… wait, no, do not, but do, but… do not… ah, no, I shall stay inside.

Oh but the door is closing? Yes I am outside.

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I also appreciate that they keep on subtly changing the intro as the characters change too. I might have to go through it with a fine-toothed comb like I did for She-Ra at

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also Eda's curse sure feels a lot like a fibromyalgia analogy (only with destructive rampages instead of having to hide in bed for a few days)

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Owl House Season 2 is pretty friggin' intense. Also pretty friggin' gay in a good way. I can't believe Disney allows this show to exist.

Orville S3E2 

Oh also I really appreciate how on last week's episode, a bunch of folks got transmuted by an alien bacterium and instead of having Magic Science Solutions they just like. Let them be permanently, irrevocably changed, and probably set up a future plot.

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Orville S3E3 

Okay this episode keeps on subverting my expectations in a good way. At first I thought they were doing The Royale but now (halfway in) maybe it's that one weird X-Files episode where Mulder and Sculley were stuck in a mushroom hallucination thing.

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Like they're not being gratuitous about it, but it's definitely a little jarring seeing that on what still feels like a broadcast TV show.

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The Orville sure is taking advantage of being on streaming instead of broadcast TV now, what with being allowed to swear sometimes.

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