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it wouldn't be so bad if antihistamines actually did anything other than make me drowsy

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Static Shock S4E4 Fallen Hero, starring: Phil LaMarr as Static, Phil LaMarr as Green Lantern John Stewart, and Phil LaMarr as Sinestro as Green Lantern John Stewart

and I guess there's a couple of lines from some other actors too

ugh I've been trying to record a vocal+guitar+cello cover of Royals (with accompanying video) for a while and what's really obnoxious is that there's a very small window of opportunity between my voice warming up and my voice wearing out when it comes to singing in that register.

Also recording for video is a lot harder because I can't go back and (easily) do partial takes of vocals and instruments without it being a HELL of a lot of work for editing later.

And this is why I rarely do video.

Mother! You are not feeding me with urgency, so clearly there is something wrong. Is it that you are trapped under these blankets? Here, I will dig you out from under the blankets so that you may feed me with alacrity!

There, I have freed you from the horrible burdensome weight of your bed-sheets, and thus you are now able to feed me.

Chop chop, mother.

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The Orville S3E9 

man the shifting alliances this season are giving me whiplash

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The Orville S3E9 

So bold of The Orville to kill off the one canonically LGBT human character in a moment where she calls out to her previously-killed-off-screen girlfriend

This is totally fresh territory and not something that has a trope named "bury your gays" or anything

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I wonder if I can make it totally safe for me by just cutting the rind off.

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I am eating some very interesting cheese, Sartori Bellavitano. It tastes like pizza.

Also while checking th elabel for the name I noticed there's lavender in the crust, oops. Well, hopefully it isn't enough to trigger an allergic reaction, especially with the antihistamines I'm on because of sky jizz.

The Orville S3E8 

also I love how excited Dolly Parton is to show up in TV shows these days

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The Orville S3E8 

It is delightful that all of the 'traditional' music on the Moclan female colony is all covers of Dolly Parton songs

So, I really want to support Washington CAN ( but it's kind of hard to take them seriously when they wait until August 1 to send out their endorsements for a vote-by-mail election which has a deadline on August 2. Like, I voted A WEEK AGO.

Tyler has finally remembered that he likes to play with things.

Unfortunately the thing he discovered this with is my expensive headphones.

finally got through to a human, now being endflessly transferred between different departments, each time requesting to verify the same pieces of information that I'm trying to get in the first place

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oh my god my insurance company is so fucking annoying

I call in to try to get some information, they use this godawful voice prompt system where no matter how I respond it says "sorry, I didn't get that," and then they give another menu with specific choices with numbers I can press. Why can't they just go to that in the first place?

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