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also I doubt any of my installed OpenVR plugins would have anything to do with the bug I'm having (especially since none of them are even active), and what's the point of having a plugin architecture if you're not going to make it possible to isolate issues to a specific plugin? skjdlfjslkjfsljlks

also the bug I'm experiencing is a random corruption issue with SteamVR's controller bindings and it happens sporadically, which doesn't make it easy to tell if the issue is even fixed

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steam: then you will need to go elsewhere for support, you MUST remove the OpenVR plugins if you want support from us

me: I said specifically that I'm fine with removing the plugins, I was just saying, hey, this alternate to Oculus Link that a lot of people use, maybe you should consider supporting it officially because it's way better

(I wrote it much more politely of course)

who knows what their followup will be for that, but I'm not optimistic

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ugh steam support is kind of obnoxious about things. summary:

me: I'm having this recurring bug with SteamVR, here's my system report, any idea what might be going on?

steam: we won't try to support you because you have OpenVR plugins installed and you're using Virtual Desktop instead of Oculus Link

me: I'm fine with removing the plugins but VD is way more usable and everyone I know uses it instead of Oculus Link, please consider supporting that officially


Also Substance Painter apparently can't export a .psd directly, it only goes through a weird Photoshop-only scripting path which doesn't work with not-Photoshop

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Damn, my previous employer finally caught on to my active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and I no longer have working legal Photoshop.

There is no doubt Elizabeth II was one of the most bigoted and hateful people on the planet and enjoyed her status gained from wanton violence. This is just a fact.

The calls for us to be 'respectful' of her passing are wildly hypocritical because there was no such decency when it came to George Floyd, Breyonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Ahmaud Arbery, and the hundreds of regular folks routinely murdered by the state for no sensible reason.

There was no such decency for people who morally were saints compared to the darkness of what Elizabeth enabled and enjoyed.

I am not going to forget how much humanity and decency white people want for a literal monster but not for people that have been run over by an inhumane and murderous state.

Remember this moment because white people again are showing you what they are.

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Seattle weather: I had to go outside for all of five minutes and even wearing a KN95 mask I was coughing quite a lot. Stay safe, y'all.

I remember when "debugging my house" meant calling an exterminator

@PsyChuan On the plus side the Discord seems pretty chill anyway.

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@PsyChuan I joined the Furry Karaoke discord so I could find the song submission page. It is at and doesn't require being on the Discord to use.

Direct quote from his video: "And no matter where you're from, the queen's passing is a loss for the world, not just Brits or commonwealth members for whom she was of course head of state. So wherever you're from I'm sorry for your loss too. God save the queen and long live the king."

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So for example one YouTuber I follow and support on Patreon sent out a supporters-only "channel update" where he said he felt like he lost his grandmother and she was the grandmother TO THE WORLD, and he didn't feel it would be appropriate to release any more videos until after the state funeral.

And as an aside/footnote he mentioned that his wife's grandmother was actually in the hospital, but also that isn't a factor behind his delay?

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It's a bit wild to me just how many British people I follow are talking about the Queen's death as if it's a major tragedy for everyone in the whole world, and how she was the *most important* person in the world, and so on.

Sometimes I feel like the UK and its monarchy worship is a cult.

In the West we give North Korea a lot of grief for that but they're subjugated and follow a cult mentality out of threat of persecution and severe punishment. Britons do it *willingly*.

got my flu shot earlier today, already feeling like absolute shit, but three days of feeling like garbage is better than actually getting the flu (which is what happened the one year I didn't get a flu shot).

anyway i just did a weed and took some tylenol


@fluffy Bottom line, treat headhunters like faeries. Never accept a gift from them, never tell them your full name and phone number.

Talking out of my ass about something I'm unqualified about 

I totally do not buy into the idea formation value of the monomyth, it seems silly to me when I see it mentioned as writing advice. Stuff like Pixar creating other strict writing models is even worse.

If anything those structures seem like a critical tool, not a creative one. Shit, I think you'd be better served reading tv tropes.

Like, sure after you create a plot and you feel it's meandering I GUESS it could help but first thing? Pff

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