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Remember, hacking isn't just a crime. It's a survival trait.

hacking diabetic tech 

Pictured: several thousand dollars of planned-obsolete medical technology that some good people down under are gonna mod to be indefinitely reusable.

sonic realtime fandub quote 

this has been in my head for the past two weeks making me burst into laughter at random

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sonic realtime fandub quote 


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help black person and their child!

Currently at the ER with jah,

brakes went out in my car which means

1. I can’t work
2. I won’t have a ride home

I need support getting a Lyft back home after this hospital visit as well as getting the brakes fixed

Pls b88st // rp$cocobrown97

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help a black disabled trans woman with medication and survival funds!

I’m crowdfunding for just myself now Any amount helps Thank you.


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jailbreaking my candles to run unsigned candle code

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receiving a DMCA notice for distributing unauthorized candle codes and instructions for jailbreaking your own candles

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hacking stuff 

oh, you can specify a remote git repo as the build in a docker-compose file and compose will just grab it. nice!

food gardening 

The zuccinis are going to fruit! I had given up on them but they're going to fruit at the eleventh hour!

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@gardenbot Error handling? More like Error handing this off to someone else to deal with

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@gardenbot Error handling? Yeah I sure hope they do because I ain't fuckin' doing it

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it's fun that if covid vaccines were deployed like life saving diabetes medications, people wouldn't start getting them for at least another 4 years lol

error handling? that's for people writing good code. not whatever trash i'm putting into my terminal.

I should try modding dexcom transmitters to have replaceable batteries. But it's messy and easy to mess up. You have to sand through the plastic and some of the battery but not go to far or it won't clip onto the sensor.

why does such a simple program still take so long to write?

Remember, hacking isn't just a crime. It's a survival trait.

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