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Democrats Sick Of Being Blamed For Cowardice On Issues They Actually Just Don’t Care About

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wish they put in some more interesting things inside avocados instead of wooden balls. like cant you get more creative with it

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that's me in the corner
that's me in the spot- light!
binting all my bogos

if i were into guys, i would have taken him up on it

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i'm thinking about the time when a guy started hitting on me and seamlessly asked about my gender. what a bi legend

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What is a bint!? A miserable little pile of bogos! But enough talk, have at you!

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you miss NaN% of the shots you don't take

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CW for alcohol, boycott for striking distillery workers, please boost 

The UFCW Local 23D, whose workers operate the Heaven Hill distillery have rejected their contract and elected to strike.

Please don't buy:
Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Larceny, and Henry McKenna Bourbons; Rittenhouse Rye Whisky; Deep Eddy and Burnett’s Vodkas; Admiral Nelson’s and Blackheart Rums; Black Velvet Canadian Whisky; Lunazul Tequila; The Christian Brothers Brandies; HPNOTIQ Liqueur and more

Check the label!

I'm a reluctant convert to dark mode after realizing my phone screen is AMOLED

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