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*rubbing my tiny little paws* its plushie time :dragnplush:

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if ball pythons got their name from their tendency to curl up into a ball...

am i a ball dragon?

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new alt time! 

made another alt at @mxdragon , feel free to follow if were mutuals!

:dragnumm: getting better at programming for career purposes

:dragnhappy: getting better at programming so i can help other queers learn

no im NOT stealing my gfs blanket, im hoarding it :dragnangry:

I love the little plastic clicky of an ethernet cable snapping into its socket and bet it would feel even better if the sound/vibration was coming from the base of your skull

sex toys, question, boost + 

does anyone know any queer (most importantly trans-friendly) online sex toy stores that they can recommend? preferably in the eu

nom binary :dragncookie:

thats it, no more binary i ate it all

⚠️ Dear Matrix users, a critical vulnerability has been found in several Matrix clients. A coordinated security release is happening today, Monday, Sept 13th. Don't wait, upgrade your Matrix clients as soon as possible ⚠️

More info here:

#matrix #FOSS

The princess is being kept in the tower by a fearsome dragon.

The dragon is 30cm long and weighs 2 kilos. Its keeping her in the tower cuz it fell asleep on her lap, purring, and she doesn't wanna wake it.

sometimes you just gotta do a tiny little woof

today's concentration levels are 6%

(6%) ■□□□□□□□□□

tank, lewd, sextoys 

tout est dans le cw :blabcat:

nom binary :dragncookie:

thats it, no more binary i ate it all

now that im using a second monitor ive been noticing how kde consistently spawns every new window on the wrong screen

idk how its doing that but it just knows where i want it to show up and puts it on the other screen just out of spite or smth

im really in a mood rn to just cuddle up to someone and to exchange some sleepy smooches before i fall asleep on them

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