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im plushie and i have demands!

1. cuddle me
2. cuddle me
3. headpats
4. cuddle me

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whenever I explain my gender to someone, the file select theme from mario 64 starts playing

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if u think making fun of cishets for things (other than the actually bad things they do) is ok, please think abt that for a second

i dont really care abt the cishets here, but this kind of thing can be really bad for insecurity

just seeing ppl being judgmental abt a thing im insecure abt makes it so much worse, even if its not pointed towards me

it gives me anxiety that im being judged in the same way, except in secret bc im queer, and eventually ill start judging myself out of anxiety

i dont feel like i can get a reasonable little wobble with this

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heck this is fun to mess around with

i feel like its a little too much but its so fun

making a :dragnuwu: holding an nb flag in its mouth, but the flag is kinda upside down from how its held

*reads about self-modifying code* oh no this sounds like an absolutely horrible idea

...i wanna try it :dragnowo:

firefox changed a font and i cant stop noticing aaaa

tried to make up a new gender sign based on :dragnowo: but now it just looks like a bouncy ball

turns out instead i just got mad at drawing software

no art today then

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have u scritched a dragon today? no?

wow ur lucky, theres a dragon here rn! :dragnmlem:

fediblock for a big masto instance, extremely gross ableism, genitals referenced 

ppl have had serious issues with the way dot social has been running for like, a fucking while, but quite frankly, seeing a staff member post that ppl are "babybrained" and have "dents in their brain", and then their response to being reported for ableism is to mock it because they're an admin? fucking gross and we're sick of this kinda shit being acceptable

while we're at it we'll note that this isn't super new for luigi, see also: his past forays into, uh, mocking the very existent disability spoons theory because it's "baby talk"

there are probably more examples. also just outright does not have rules against ableism. like, at all. presumably no one running the garbage site saw the need for caring abt ableism

(screenshots just in case of links breaking or other such things)

food, weird 

do u ever just stop eating and think "wtf am i doing here, this is weird as hell"

like i just stuff all these things into me and make them disappear somehow, wtf

anyone know of any autism peer support groups in the York area? preferably with an explicitly queer-friendly stance?

i know i probably don't have to say this here, but please don't respond if you're just going to tell me where to try looking. direct suggestions only please!

having said that, please boost.

"are you a boy or a girl"
im a dragon
"no i mean whats in your pants"
whats a pants

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