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pronoun list (1/2) 

- they/them:
my "main" pronouns, always at least mix them in a little if u use others, cishets go for this one

- it/its:
generally ok unless i dont know u, especially nice with calling me a plushie or when u wanna express that im being cute

- she/her:
friends only, never use only she/her, its nice every once in a while, sometimes im in a she/her mood for like an evening

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im plushie and i have demands!

1. cuddle me
2. cuddle me
3. headpats
4. cuddle me

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whenever I explain my gender to someone, the file select theme from mario 64 starts playing

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if u think making fun of cishets for things (other than the actually bad things they do) is ok, please think abt that for a second

i dont really care abt the cishets here, but this kind of thing can be really bad for insecurity

just seeing ppl being judgmental abt a thing im insecure abt makes it so much worse, even if its not pointed towards me

it gives me anxiety that im being judged in the same way, except in secret bc im queer, and eventually ill start judging myself out of anxiety

*fighting with the debugger for half an hour*

"oh heck my tests are wrong"


its tearing itself apart with every step and its kinda ridiculous except i need to actually see that value,,,

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like its "only" the ui i guess, but why would it completely break apart when im using stdin/out

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i wish i had some chocolate rn,,,


what the fuck does any of this mean

i like how x86 really had to remove the u from its jump instruction to make it shorter, but then they added instructions with like 15 characters anyways

why do ppl use link shorteners when theyre just gonna paste it into discord

ppl will just click one link either way, whats the difference besides tracking probably

if rich ppl like "giving back" so much, im sure theyll love "never taking it in the first place"!

am i a good dragn

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