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im plushie and i have demands!

1. cuddle me
2. cuddle me
3. headpats
4. cuddle me

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whenever I explain my gender to someone, the file select theme from mario 64 starts playing

i love when steam just randomly refuses to start my game and then blasts a million error sounds right into my ears when i click the support link

omg im so used to the barely visible button being the one i actually want to click that its jarring when its actually the big colorful one for once

(tf2 heavy voice) 

YOU! You are like little baby! HA! Cutie. I cuddle you.

like this is the second wrong test in a row now

and an actual bug would be much harder to fix than a bad test, i should be happy about this

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why is it so disappointing to find out that the test i just wrote didnt find a bug, the test was just wrong

*carefully drops a bottle of water next to u* rer! :dragnowo:

gay thoughts 

thinking about just regular everyday stuff, but gay

like holding hands in the grocery store, or cuddling in the tram

also its really mean of this store to recommend cute plushies to me that they arent even making anymore :dragnconfused:

its fascinating how the animation speed of this is so inconsistent across instances

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dont disturb the dragn, theyre drinking 

πŸ₯€ :adragnmlem:

slightly thicker whiskers but they just don't show up when it's that small

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