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my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

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(Update) I am open for emoji/sticker commissions!
Check out my trello for pricing info and I will weave you tiny bespoke friends. You can also download a bunch for free at!

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request for financial help, sorry! 

Um, I could really use some help, if anyone is feeling able or charitable!

So, I'm in a lot of trouble!
I was recently fired. my former employer owes me 9 paychecks and has lied about it in my invoice.

It wasn't properly recorded with the state either, so I'm not eligible for unemployment or food stamps. As far as they're concerned, I never had a job.

At the moment, I'm overdrawn on my bank account and am maxed on credit. tbc i guess

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the cutest creature you've ever seen ambles up to you, with big eyes.

"hi, what's your name?" they ask.

you give your name and they smile.
"they call me the volcano!" they giggle. "it's because of all the virgins i've annihilated."

a movie can be so sad i cry but i've never been so scared by a movie that i cried

this is called heroism and i'll proudly go back on it if it means hiding in someone's chest

i actually care a lot about spoilers and trailers and i think that's valid!!

i feel like people kind of borderline brag about not caring, like "i don't let it ruin it for me"

but you only get one chance to take in a story for the first time and i want to at least once get to process it as the story is intended

i love movies so much more if i don't know what they are and let them speak for themselves

My partner was just like "no no bad things always happen to you" in a reassuring voice


Slightly doomy, crypto bros 

The crypto crash got less funny to me once it sunk in who rich people take this stuff out on

guilt stuff, who knows 

If I sound down, I'm just waiting for my sweetheart and I'm excited with a nervous stomach

I'm really excited
And nervous

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guilt stuff, who knows 

Fuck it, I like being happy, I like it a lot

I just get nervous but I'm a happy person

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guilt stuff, who knows 

My psych would love to get to the shit I freely admit on Mastodon

He's getting paid to work for it though

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guilt stuff, who knows 

Hate my whole thing of like

"I've always wanted to try chocolate cake, but I enjoy it so I'm scared to remember how it tastes. I used to worry horrible things would happen if I let myself taste chocolate because it's selfish.

NOW I'm normal though!! Now I just think it'll make me a worse person and someone might yell at me, or worse, that it might not.
And also chocolate might just remind me of what I missed now and that sounds painful and maybe it's not good"

This means a break from drawing for today, hope that's cool and all

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Choose your gender

> yes we have no bananas

> I like bananas because they have no bones

cw: queer youth stuff, bigoted creators 

now, you DON'T have to stop having had good memories of it, that's not what anyone is saying. but you do have to consider those good memories a fair bit more complexly and put them in an honest context for understanding.

this is, and I am not being hyperbolic, ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to actually supporting the queer people around you, because if you won't even do this for something as ephemeral as a childhood story, how can we trust you with our lives?

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Pretty much any time someone talks about hypothetical parallel species and differentiates between "people" and like, "zorblouns", I'm always secretly a little miffed they don't consider zorblouns people

Say human if you mean human, all I'm saying

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Do you ever read stuff about AI and think, "man this phrasing is gonna age poorly. The robots are gonna be offended we talk about them like this"

Talking about potential free packs - i'm curious if any of these would be the most interesting as a telegram/twitch/discord sticker pack (Not emoji, to be clear) ?

(I dunno how to describe fredrika)

commission me to make these and this power can be yoursssssssss

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an emoji design accidentally grew on me

it's super off prompt for the commission so i can't use it, but
i am fond of this friend

some fredrika doodles as i try to get back into the groove, they're super lazy and incoherent but i'm sharing anyway | gore 

it's monday for fredrika, too

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