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the cutest creature you've ever seen ambles up to you, with big eyes.

"hi, what's your name?" they ask.

you give your name and they smile.
"they call me the volcano!" they giggle. "it's because of all the virgins i've annihilated."

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my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

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Your phone lights up with a new text.
"Alarm status?"

You check the town's emergency 'BOYS' sign, but there's no flashing lights. Thank God.

As you type out a response, a spike of paranoia suddenly grips you.
You check the sign, and cold terror grips your spine as you realize: someone has stolen the lightbulb.

The boys are back.

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Make some noise if any of you out there are desperate to escape the confines of humanity and feel free to express themselves without the crushing existential despair that accompanies everything you assign as 'human' !!!

leftist radical, generalities "how radical are you" etc 

and i totally respect the idea if you think it's like, a situation where people can be reasoned with. (i didn't say nazis, i said people)

but uh yeah sometimes it feels like even amicable discussion gets a little weird overlap between viewpoints that are based in
"systems borne from people" and other that's based in

"people borne from systems"

and then we get shocked at how far some of us are or aren't willing to go

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leftist radical, generalities "how radical are you" etc 

not to be edgelord or (god i hope this isn't how it comes off) gatekeepy about it, just like

i guess it's about the idea of like
do you believe this as an exaggeration or do you believe that the system in place here is powerful enough to make that happen?

like, it's not about demonizing people as much as like

a system that very efficiently produces human beings who would fill that role.

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leftist radical, generalities "how radical are you" etc 

sometimes i feel like i see two identified-leftists talking but having two totally different conversations

like, you could probably draw a line for what everyone's assumed premise is by asking, like,

"if there was a freely distributable way to cure all disease and make everyone live forever, do you think capitalists would allow it"

asking my doctor if vaginal birth is a higher risk of cootie transmission

i'm basically a chicken with its head cut off today

absolutely no thought or anything beyond just my body and toots just randomly firing off in ways that probably make sense according to my muscle memory or whatever

@heatherhorns look i'm out here supporting the arts with and nobody is giving me the credit i deserve

Are you sick of the same old frevorless concessions? Do your deliverables merit traditional anticipation?

Hi, I'm Zoey Heather, and I don't know what words mean.

I got some identity stuff to figure out but work, art, tired, weh

[Blog Post] "Dear Cis Folks (Some small things you can do to be a better trans* ally)" 

I guess is actually making fediverse posts again, so that's good! In addition to boosting them, I still like to make my own CWed posts with some explanation of what the post is about. 💙

This one is gonna be a bit of a long read as well, but it's an incredibly informative post about some small things cis folks can do in order to be better trans* allies. :heart_trans::heart_trans_black:

misogyny trashpost 

patsyarchy is what you call someone who takes the fall for misogyny. redpill woman youtuber, etc

fuckers should be playing the price is right before they start claiming to have answers about how much money you need to live.

bad faith, good faith

let's see if you know how much it costs your maid to get to your house

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next time there's a debate over how much basic income should be, or if some kind of supplemental income or financial assistance is too much

you really should have to ask the person how much an orange costs vs a house

gender and cis 

@heatherhorns I laughed out loud at that image and the thing is, it is appropriately absurd, 10/10 :metaph:

"make your battery last longer by..."

Microsoft. You know desktop PCs exist. Right?

Lightning strikes a creek and it somehow manages to burble out an intelligible human language, declaring that it just achieved consciousness

cis people just rushing over themselves to gender it

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It is I, Gorbrt, Manifestation of The Cosmos, Personification of Time. I am all that is, and every shall be

"okay but what gender are you *really*"

mh ph burnout 

feel like i'll never be okay, like i am just

i feel trained not to sleep even if i tried, though i'd like to

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mh ph burnout 

oh god i'm super not okay

is my boss not comprehending she only gave me two hours to sleep

till now i'd been getting very little from stress and work dread anyway

i think i'm having auditory hallucinations and i'm freaking out

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