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Does anyone happen to know or have any work-from-home jobs that would be hiring?
Stuff like call centers, etc, are fine. I just need something, out of ideas.

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Make some noise if any of you out there are desperate to escape the confines of humanity and feel free to express themselves without the crushing existential despair that accompanies everything you assign as 'human' !!!

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If I may request 11 seconds of your time, I made a TF animation! 

most of the zobold progress so far is among these lines. key frame moments, i suppose

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bit of a rough day, but let's call this for 11/26

so obviously the drawings aren't final, but may i ask what yall think of this clip of animation?

the weekly zoey heather fursona crush report

i'm already falling asleep. do i like, drink coffee and wake up after sleep through a whole day, or just go back to sleep and follow whatever my body is doing, here

been playing pokemon let's go eevee with my child and then they started really getting into watching the pokemon show and now i've given them an old 3DS and pokemon sun and it's so sweet they're so excited to play it 😭

Bouncing off Dee's posts, I looked up the story of Fucking changing their name to Fugging and like
as disappointed as I am that there's no longer a town with that name, I have a hard time not empathizing with the townsfolk after reading this article.

"But not everyone is happy with the change. Folks who aren't affected say that actually, they should be grateful"
Like, geez. Sorry, Fucking.

pandemic, thanksgiving 

um it seems my sister's family has covid, as well as my other sister's boyfriend. surreal. i guess i should call them? maybe? maybe that's not good to do, i mean

jesus fuck they have covid, they really want me to limply call hours later and be like "hey i heard you shared you had the plague happy thanksgiving" ?
don't mean to think about myself in such circumstances, just, not sure what the next move is

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i'm kinda having a freakout

i guess need to jump into zoom asap

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fucking gell. my family set up a plan to meet on Thanksgiving at noon, i just woke up at 3:30

so the fun thing about being up this late at night is the extreme sleep deprivation means i don't understand what the shit i was talking about the next day

anyone know what site these are made on?

i feel like it's not much of a spoiler to share that it ends in a massive explosion

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getting through the general roughs of a video of zobold fighting with a coat set to silent film style music

not sure at what point it's intelligible enough to share as an in-progress thing

does anyone have experience in blender's 2d animation? 

i'm not against learning animation! like, i'm an amateur! it's just like, i keep running into stuff like, getting into it on the "let's draw a bouncing ball" level

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does anyone have experience in blender's 2d animation? 

I wanna learn how to animate IN BLENDER, each video i try turns into "how to animate, full stop".

anyone know a good resource? like, as opposed to something like flash or whatever, my experience in blender is literally redrawing each new frame from scratch, and i usually have to resort to doing changing *literally* every frame instead of getting to determine when it would flow better to keep it to every other frame

aa i miss flash

kevin macleod 

you know how folks often have a little shred of fame in their pocket, by nature of the internet?
like "yeah i was the guy who did the thing" or "oh i made a reddit comment that they made a video about"

macleod must be the king of that. like "oh um i was the guy who scored the last video you saw."
'but you don't know what i saw.'
"yeah but i know i scored it. also i proved copyright isn't necessary"

also wikipedia says there is in fact a documentary, sweet

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honestly like

kevin macleod is so mysterious to me. like, if you don't recognize his name, search it on youtube & prepare to be like "OH THAT'S THE THING FROM THE THING" constantly

he's unimaginably prolific and has an impossible amount of range. Plus the (vast?) majority of his music is creative commons. So it's hard to describe him without hyperbole.

But he just seems like some rando dude with a site? I feel like he must have an interesting backstory to be like that & stay under the radar

kind of amazing that i've never made a mistake in my life

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