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the cutest creature you've ever seen ambles up to you, with big eyes.

"hi, what's your name?" they ask.

you give your name and they smile.
"they call me the volcano!" they giggle. "it's because of all the virgins i've annihilated."

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my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

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Your phone lights up with a new text.
"Alarm status?"

You check the town's emergency 'BOYS' sign, but there's no flashing lights. Thank God.

As you type out a response, a spike of paranoia suddenly grips you.
You check the sign, and cold terror grips your spine as you realize: someone has stolen the lightbulb.

The boys are back.

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Make some noise if any of you out there are desperate to escape the confines of humanity and feel free to express themselves without the crushing existential despair that accompanies everything you assign as 'human' !!!

mh, ambiguous tragedy, just kind of a small announcement/disclaimer 

thank you so much for your kind words!

i, personally, will be okay, i promise. this isn't something that happened to me or to someone close enough that i'm in the um blast radius so to speak.

so i promise you can feel confident that there's no danger here, just a need for time

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mh, ambiguous tragedy, just kind of a small announcement/disclaimer 

as always, i care deeply and um
it's hard for me to consistently display love i feel, and like

my worry is not that you'll dislike me, it's that the whiplash will hurt you deeply

that is a personal problem and i just am scared that it causes self-doubt. why is zoey gone? etc
i'm fucked up and possibly emotionally irresponsible, that's why.

so again I LOVE YOU
huge apologies if silence happens, dunno what my brain is doing

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mh, ambiguous tragedy, just kind of a small announcement/disclaimer 

I wanted to warn everyone um I am close to on here that I might be worse for a while.

As distant and opaque as i can be, i just ask your understanding if not forgiveness

i just got some really heavy news and um
i really don't know how i'm processing it. my heart and head feel like they're both splitting in different directions and i don't know how i'm processing it but i just

want to get this out there so i can do my thing

that quote about climbing everest because it's there, but applied to climbing on various machinery

there's a reason the warning labels are there

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also this is more like silly but like
i'm not alone in badly wanting to ride in a dryer, right?

stuff comes out so nice and warm, and the washing machines at laundromats that show the spinning? they always make it look so nice. i could wrap myself up in my comforter
oh gosh
can i do this? i guess i'm a bit heavy for it

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is there a special chair or something that will rotate me in place safely? not for like small fun bursts but like, just general usage, especially if my desk can spin with me

i see stuff like washing machines and think "i want that"
:blobwhee: :ablobspin: :blobwhee: :ablobspin: :blobwhee: :ablobspin:


mark my words, this is intentionally allowing hundreds of people to die for future political points, because circumstances are such that it's going to be less than expected

people are going to die so that more people will be allowed to die

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now: texas & mississippi lift ban,
people foresee a spike in covid

soon: covid spikes, countless deaths, people get smug

later: TX & MS are forced to ban again, due to push by left

not much later: the spike being less dramatic is used as proof that the ban was needless

the idea of 'cute' 

or maybe the better way to phrase it is when a person feels the need to state they do not feel this way about zobold (which has only happened a handful of times, in fairness)

it suggests that i had a purpose that i had fallen short of?
so the weird feeling comes from the implication of how i'm perceived and the idea that i'm supposed to be something

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the idea of 'cute' 

i feel personally flattered when people find my fursona cute. i will admit this.

but it feels weird when someone says zobold ISN'T cute because it's like....implying i was making an effort to achieve that.
like, i don't think people set out to be cute. i don't think? like i don't think that's how it works and also zobold eats car batteries i don't really know why you would think it's remarkable that you're not thinking that

all i ask is that it not be sexualized.

it's not the zobold diss
it's the incredibly weird nature of a fursona neg

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shout out to the guy on reddit from months ago who responded to seeing my kobold tf animation by saying zobold was "almost kinda cute"

@heatherhorns Smash would be a lot cooler if we didn't live in a capitalist world.

Like, a collaborative effort bringing together different characters we've already fallen in love with into a single weird game? Dope! But bc of how things are, Smash is an advertisement and it's hard to ever rly shake that feeling and that aspect of it

whenever i copy a toot from or to twitter, my thought process is like

"ugh this is weird and gross"
"heh heh"

i enjoy smash as much as anyone but you gotta admit
this is just like


what marketable ip is going to be included next? excitedly watching Nintendo(TM) Direct(TM) to learn if they promote the product I'm most incentivized to purchase

this is me pitching the character to you

please take this if it sounds good and tell me the result, i am dying to know where it goes

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also ingame canon development:
vending machines turned out to be a perfect way for him to make infernal contracts

and also he squats in crumbling realities
if every deity has ascended from an untwisting version of the underworld, he stays behind as long as he can to enjoy feeling like the big cheese before jumping ship at the last moment

i like him a lot conceptually and i am dying to know where it goes in an rpg environment with player interaction

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i badly need someone to use Alabaster, my soda pop demi-god character, in a story that reaches completion

he scams worship from people through product branding and the physical product is just his body
if you are near the soda or any advertisement with eyes on them, he can observe you

the more successful the product is, the more godlike he becomes
please i need Alabaster closure

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i cannot run any rpg campaign without immediately delving into body (subjective)horror and/or existential weirdness

i make an active effort and fail every time

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