getting the computer to calculate how soon i can draw somebody's fursona based on level of relationship and how recently it was previously done


proud to announce that zobold has joined the character roster for smash brothers!

she can be a tricky fighter to get a hang of. my recommendation is to unplug your controller and hope for the best

@heatherhorns football team comes out and is confused by the kobold cheerleaders and while they're musing what to do, the entire team is tackled by a dragon, who is the entire other team

koboldposting, 420 adjacent 

stoners can be very confusing

don't paint a dragon on the side of your van unless you want some very tired bolds everywhere you go

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koboldposting, 420 adjacent 

kobold steals a dragon bong from a smoke shop

she blows into it, assuming it's some kind of summoning horn. eventually she gives up and wanders around, asking strangers how to use one

kobold cheerleading squad 

this is happening at a sign shop that is has long since run out of Rs

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kobold cheerleading squad 

gimme an r!
gimme another r!
gimme an r!
...gimme an r!
gimme an r!

what's that spell?
gimme an r!
gimme a

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trans health question, food and diet 

lately this has been especially bothersome because fitness plans and calorie calculators need me to put in one gender or the other and i don't know what to say.

from what i've heard second hand, um nutritionists aren't taught about this stuff so i don't really feel i can trust anything but jesus am i stuck to 1200 calories a day or not aaa

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trans health question 

i can never tell if i'm supposed to like, take the 'male' or 'female' vitamin, or the male or female food suggestions or whatever

i feel like hormones do change a ton and it's conceivable that some "women" vitamins are now applicable to me, but at the same time, it's hard to believe that this would be true of all things. like, i feel like the most likely possibility is that it's a case by case thing, but that kind of puts me up a certain creek

image with a lot of text and no description, tumblr screenshot 

is the lizard person equivalent of shaving your legs shedding your skin

cows are cool but oh my god i'm not brave enough to go in that area cause like udders? ///


you should draw a picture of me and decide the species for yourself

it could help your investments or uh something i dunno

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