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capekink hypnokink funkink 

Commission for shocking crime horseskunk princess @BestGirlGrace !!

Check out faer projects at!

tremble in fear at faer technocrimes!

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my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

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(Update) I am open for emoji/sticker commissions!
Check out my trello for pricing info and I will weave you tiny bespoke friends. You can also download a bunch for free at!

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the cutest creature you've ever seen ambles up to you, with big eyes.

"hi, what's your name?" they ask.

you give your name and they smile.
"they call me the volcano!" they giggle. "it's because of all the virgins i've annihilated."


as someone who is an enthusiastic endorser of nudity, i'm way proud of yall

(seriously, i have never talked to a nudist and i feel like that's the only reason i haven't turned it into a moral stance at this point.)

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Suddenly feeling like a hypocrite but I'm about to drive and Johnny law has some kind of problem with that

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are you wearing pants right now (stellar doesn't get to vote)

maybe not everyone shares every thought they have like myself, but it's weird i don't seem to know any coffee drinkers

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do you drink coffee

my big take on vr is that there's a humongous overlap between what makes a good first-person adventure game and what makes a good vr game

and an absolutely tiny overlap between devs who want to make adventure games and devs who want to make vr games

The first french maid showed up to work in a horny dress and was like "no it's an outfit"

In an online seminar; F-slur 

Speaker: We need to listen to homophobic and racist patients, and learn to distinguish between things that need to be stopped, like threats, and things that are cries for help

Me: You gotta understand that when they call me a "fag" that's an implied threat, straight-boy

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Sleep troubled 

The thing is, I sleep great in the rare instance of sharing a bed so I don't know how one would explain THAT

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Sleep troubled 

I know I shouldn't get too excited, but I'm really jazzed! This might explain my constant nightmares!

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Sleep troubled 

Feeling really optimistic there's something I can do about this! It's been such a cycle of depression, I just have accepted this is yet another thing that doesn't work right, but like

I guess I can probably do something here

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Sleep troubled 

Okay I think I might have sleep apnea

Or at least: I think I have trouble breathing when I'm asleep
One of my nostrils just plain doesn't work as well as the other, breathing through it would be really hard

This time when I woke up I remembered my suspicion and was stil and like, I think when I lay on my right side, I have to force oxygen up that one, I'm not immediately using my mouth? I only caught myself the once, but t is a panicky stress, like I dream aboutl

Letting milk post on my behalf 


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