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an a little fyi: i'm still open for commissions but will be pausing for a while (June 22 - July 5th)

i might work on em anyway because i love to, but i'm goin on an adventure, see

and then a special anniversary

and then a second adventure

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my gender:
witch that lost a duel to another witch and, as per the fight conditions, is now her familiar, and is less and less secretive about how much she actually loves it

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(Update) I am open for emoji/sticker commissions!
Check out my trello for pricing info and I will weave you tiny bespoke friends. You can also download a bunch for free at!

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the cutest creature you've ever seen ambles up to you, with big eyes.

"hi, what's your name?" they ask.

you give your name and they smile.
"they call me the volcano!" they giggle. "it's because of all the virgins i've annihilated."

lil socially anxious 

literally all i got this "ha ha i know i apologized for ghosting you before ghosting you again but um, hi"

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lil socially anxious 

gonna be introduced to a newly out trans person i've kind of been ignoring in text

they need someone to talk to and make friends with, i just haven't been home and stopping to think and react

anyway now we're gonna meet in person and like,
i get it, they just need anyone to have a conversation with, it's lonely when you're the only trans person you know

but goodness if i'm not nervous, it's like

"okay now be interesting"

or something. i got nothin to share

@heatherhorns Heather, your mind is an enigma none of us will understand in our lifetimes

<cis person voice> Don't give me that "I would benefit from bodmods" crap. I know what you're actually doing. I've read the essays that Professor Jill Linda Cunko wrote about this phenomenon. I just want you to know that you don't need to make darknet bodcut vids to get redeemable bundled bitcoin tokens for video games. You can just work at Instacart and put that money in Bitcoin directly... And you should not play "pay to win" games, they are all made by Russians

A home of Black Trans people are in dire need of paying rent this month ($1,900) rent help is needed after job shorten hours + mental health leave. THIS IS URGENT. GOAL MUST BE MET TODAY.

Cashapp: $MatrixTbh
Venmo: BlackTransHome

Haha, I'm really showing my age here but
*cuts self in half, exposing rings*

in equestria they call their fursonas “hippo” instead of “anthro”


I feel like everyone just kind of forgot that the republican angle for a bit there was "America isn't a democracy, it's a republic"

That seemed to end the second the 2020 presidential elections didn't turn out in their favor. Suddenly it's a huge outrage that there was a "stolen election."

Like, I don't want an actual argument against American democracy to be memory-holed. Especially now.

I love everyone's "has she died yet" attitude to queen Elizabeth's mortality.

Like, we're all having a lovely lakeside picnic and she's off to the side somewhere trying to climb back onto the dock while sharks close in. There'll be a ruckus but then it's gonna quiet down

they say there are no atheists in foxholes but that doesn't really seem to capture the furry dating dynamics i've seen on mastodon

i don't see why anyone uses cohost, i haven't posted there

I'm going to try to get some stuff at least for the week, but I'm aiming to actually go grocery shopping next week

Anything and everything to help so i can actually get some fresh food would be appreciated 😭$melaniemoo


What Mario enemy go you most resemble in spirit, come to think of it?

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