Your phone lights up with a new text.
"Alarm status?"

You check the town's emergency 'BOYS' sign, but there's no flashing lights. Thank God.

As you type out a response, a spike of paranoia suddenly grips you.
You check the sign, and cold terror grips your spine as you realize: someone has stolen the lightbulb.

The boys are back.

You slam your fists against the ambulance's back door.

The town grows ever smaller in the window as you desperately scream, hoping someone, anyone will hear you. "The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town!"

You bend down, examining the droppings in the town square.

The mayor watches you nervously. "What monsters could have left this? Werewolves?"

You look at him, and he hangs his head, knowing full well there's no use in denial.

They're boys, and they're back.

You watch your cell phone ring in a dark room, unable to bring yourself to answer it. The only light you can see is the phone screen, displaying your caller id.

The boys.

and they're calling from a local number.

The boys are back in the cold vacuum of space.

" it over?" asks a small waif, trembling.

You wrap her in a comforting blanket, wishing you could lie. But you can't.
"It's never over."

@heatherhorns the boys were always back in town... Who do you think is driving the "ambulance?"

@Nine They've already sedated you before pulling you away from the crowd and into the vehicle, but you're still going off pure adrenaline, trying to warn those who still have a chance.

@heatherhorns Thank god they’re not after my milkshake or my humps. My lovely lady lumps are all that keeps my gay family sustained

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