i dunno what to make kobold quest or even if i'm calling it kobold kuest but i have to make something with that name, i have to

im not sure anyone else sees things like eating payphones as integral to the kobold life, so maybe it's that. gotta educate folks

maybe quobold quest is about breaking into a dennys and drawing yourself on all the placemats so people know about the legend of how cool you are

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i don't think being a kobold is so much about who you are or what species you belong to

its about making people regret letting you near a fire hose

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*patriotic kobold music*

being a kobold is about listening to your heart and trusting that you can cook popcorn with firecrackers

it's accepting that you don't ONE HUNDRED percent know that you're not going to wind up in the mirror universe until you launch yourself at the glass

it's giving an inspiring speech without having any idea why or who you're talking to

i guess i really just want someone else to hurl themselves at glass and report back, cause i'm afraid to do it

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@ChlorideCull @heatherhorns Either it didn't work or you and your mirror selves swapped without noticing

@penny @ChlorideCull Are you left-handed, Cull? All left handers are mirror folks i'm pretty sure

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