PSA for trans folks. 


As a member of a community that would prefer this anomaly does not exist, YOU HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO CARE.

Just because it makes TERFs feel validated doesn't erase their humanity. Yes it's extremely rare, but it happens.

Detransitioning sucks. You lose the trans community, and there's not a lot of places to turn. Actually consider the sheer self doubt.

Seriously.If you ever meet someone in this situation: HELP. We need to be better.

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PSA for trans folks. 

I think a major part of this problem is that it's rare enough to encourage the bystander effect. If someone wants to revert, they're likely going to feel like a "traitor" and they're definitely gonna be treated like one if they're vocal. I beg you to go the extra mile and ASK if they're okay. Like, how would they know you're safe to talk to?

PSA for trans folks. 

Anyway, I don't mean to rant. This feels like a situation in which it needed to be said. I honestly think the community just needs to be aware.

Speaking of: please respect their identity. I know that sounds silly, but there seems to be(?) a tendency to assume they're only doing it because they're scared or something. That's not your call, and if you don't consider it "real", you're not helping. I get how this can happen, just be mindful.

I KNOW we can be better.

ps to: PSA for trans folks. 

uh honestly, like, if you asked me for citations? Only two folks I'd previously known, and a few folks they directed me to, cause I was surprised this was an issue (though it feels obvious in hindsight) and wanted to know more.

im obviously not an expert, here, and i don't want to speak for them. but it's like a tiny voiceless group, so i felt it was worth passing along. If you've lived this and feel this was handled poorly, please DM me and I'll delete or fix.

PSA for trans folks. 

@heatherhorns It's can start as being supporitive, the reason most transition is because they just can't take being ridiculed anymore. Be there.

re: ps to: PSA for trans folks. 

@heatherhorns My view on detransitioners is this; They have my full support, until they start getting into bed with TERFs and transphobes.

re: ps to: PSA for trans folks. 

@FreyaManibrandr i suppose thats true of anyone, though

re: ps to: PSA for trans folks. 

@heatherhorns @FreyaManibrandr The thing is, the reason they always turn into TERFs is because that's the only community available to them. They go searching for "I detransitioned what should I do?" and the only hits are far right TERF death cults like /r/detrans. Because other communities shun them.

It's our duty to be better than that. All it takes to change someone's life completely is to give them a place to go when they're suffering. If it's us who gives them that place, we can help them. But if a predatory group lures them in instead, and feeds them self-loathing defeatist propaganda about how their life is over and more lives will end next unless the Trans鈩 are stopped... we've seen what happens, and nobody is happy, least of all them.

re: ps to: PSA for trans folks. 

@V @heatherhorns Definitely agree. We should be better than that.

re: PSA for trans folks. 

@heatherhorns loving, supporting, and offering resources to detransitioners leads to a) harm reduction, as removing the stigma allows people to admit to themselves sooner that medical transitioning may not be the right choice for them and heads off irreversible changes and b) makes life easier for trans people unsure or hesitant about transition, as the cost of being 鈥渨rong鈥 will be far less. Detransitioners can be strong allies and provide insight to Questioning folks.

PSA for trans folks. 


Supporting those who detransition also makes it easier for those considering transitioning because it reduces the downside of getting it wrong.

PSA for trans folks. 


This is analogous to how a good social safety net increases entrepreneurship. More people will try risky things if the cost of failure is lower.

PSA for trans folks. 

@heatherhorns Yes to all of this! And in addition: most detransitioners are still trans, they鈥檝e just halted their medical transition. I detransitioned about a year ago and I鈥檝e been much happier! Sometimes things just shake out that way. 馃し馃徎

PSA for trans folks. 

@heatherhorns this!! also we talk about normalizing questioning gender and binaries, this is part of it!

PSA for trans folks. 


seems.... a little strange to refer to detrans as an "anomaly," and why does it matter how rare it is? some people transition. some people then detransition. it comes with a particular set of problems that are not entirely unintelligible to trans people. i agree and support the intent of the message but, like, do you know any detrans people? would you really talk about them like this?

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