@vyr how do you talk about how your goal isn't to raise money but just to help people end of story and then go get 25 million dollars by proudly teaming up with Chelsea clinton to make "the adobe of transitioning"

@junebug @heatherhorns i love the savings angle. this isn't a shameless ploy to collect financial data or anything noooope.

also wondering what percentage of their content will be lifted unattributed from trans community sites. i'm guessing between 100% and 100%

@vyr @heatherhorns "boss, uh, the data we collected says here that trans people mostly spend their money on gundam figma. what the FUCK do we do with that data"


commercializing trans people 

@junebug @vyr what are you talking about, Americans love guns. let's make pink ones for the girls and

what was the other one

oh right, "gender non-conforming". they get pink too

"what about the men, sir?"

johnson you're fired. you're not supposed to call them that

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