if you don't think there's nay point to etiquette, then i invite you to consider all the cis people correcting themselves for calling you the wrong gender.

i'm looking forward to a Miss Manners type laying down the law for a proper way to handle the situation cause it's like

some people don't acknowledge a mistake and do so in an annoying way. some people go WAY too far to stop the conversation. some people correct themselves in a very polite and nice way

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trans, etiquette 

it would just be nice to have proper procedure i guess? cause like

even when i don't care about being misgendered it's like
chill, i hear this all the time, acknowledging it gets tedious. i know me having a man's voice throws you off.

And there's a realm of annoying you just can't blame cis people for, i think? but like, lots of small talk is totally meaningless. i don't want to actually engage with every single cashier

re: trans, etiquette 

@heatherhorns i personally just
hate correcting people

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