Nintendo sure relies on nostalgia a lot for a game company arguably still in its prime

I've made fun of this a lot, but I don't know why they're so desperate to inject a fun experience with memories of other fun experiences. Like, I already bought the game, stop selling it

Obviously there's a branding motivation here, it just comes out in strange ways in-game.
Like, if you're putting out something like Mario odyssey, you really don't need to remind me of the nes games 24/7. The first one didn't even age as well. Just focus on being memorable now, please


nintendo, you should have your unimaginably successful company take a tip from a poverty-striken transo:

maybe start hyping up creators alongside miyamoto. maybe somebody who hasn't been working with you since before the millennium. who's workin at retro? who worked on the galaxy/3d world team?

maaaybe look into different voice actors for certain spin-off styles.
just sayin

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@heatherhorns genuinely think there might be a 200 year old vampire who is the secret ceo of nintendo and says shit like “why don’t we make playing cards anymore?!”

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