Murder trial verdict 

The fact that *FINALLY* a fucking white cop is getting thrown in jail for murdering an unarmed black man is both joyous in that it is finally happening and sickening in that it took THIS FUCKING LONG to reach that.

Murder trial verdict 

I'm somehow angrier and more upset at this verdict BECAUSE of how novel and unique it is.

This should happen MORE. It shouldn't be a fucking celebration. Justice like this should be standard and unremarkable. The normal situation of cops going free should be exceptional and remarkable.


Murder trial verdict 

@pandora_parrot i guess you can see it this way: impunity is the norm. this moment is at least a glimpse of daylight, and that indicates there's an end to the tunnel.

i'm jazzed about the verdict because i see it as one step closer to this kind of incident not happening to begin with. the legal system is capable of giving a shit. cool, okay, so we at least have that much power with the people.

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Murder trial verdict 

@pandora_parrot but also you're 100% valid and i don't intend to argue with you or even change your mind as much as hopefully give some kind of reassurance

Murder trial verdict 

@heatherhorns Oh for sure. This is a MASSIVE step forward. It's a BIG BIG deal. I'm nearly in tears over how joyous I feel.

But underlying that joy is seething anger that this is merely a glimpse of what SHOULD BE.

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