Here's how successful villains communicate 

For better or worse, digital communication, whether it’s through email or direct messages on platforms, don’t let others appreciate our imperious majesty — which is why we look for ways to “politely” express irritation. Fie on that noise! Let your will be done!

Here's how successful villains communicate 

@xinjinmeng my last employer constantly said "per my last email" to mean "i intended to say this and am somehow continuing to bluff this easily checkable fact"

Here's how successful villains communicate 

@xinjinmeng requesting consultation on villainous responses to this, plz

Here's how successful villains communicate 


I don't "answer requests", I *make demands!*


Pass-agg gets pass-agg. Most email clients will let you set the 'send' time for your email to the future. Set your responses and fact-checks to not show up until 4 am. Queue lots of them up. The logs will show that you're replying so you're technically keeping them in the loop.


Here's how successful villains communicate 

"I don't "answer requests", I *make demands!*"
oooh gosh

i used to do something similar, towards the end!
i'd just set outlook up to do a follow up quoting her email at 6am so she couldn't pretend i forgot something

then again i guess she was setting me up so it sorta makes sense

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