kinda surprising millennials got named at birth instead of getting a lecture about how they didn't earn one

these kinds of lectures always hit on at least one of two key points

- you're lazy as hell - I didn't get things for free, I had to work for them

- you're lazy as hell - I barely had to try to get things, they were pretty much free

@heatherhorns I mean yeah I got one, but who wants a crappy participation name? I changed it when I got the chance.

@squeedoodle @heatherhorns seriously though it never ceases to blow my mind when boomers bag on millennials like “participation trophies!” and uh, my dudes, that was all you. Y’all came up with that while us young’uns rolled our eyes. We never asked for a trophy when we lost, and frankly we found it patronizing as hell and would have preferred to just clap for the winning team like you do when you lose.

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